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A Bad Teacher Can Change Your Life

Here’s a thought: You can learn as much from a “bad” teacher as you can from a good teacher.

This means there’s no such thing as a bad teacher. And, as such, we must be grateful for our “bad” teachers…

And by the way, there are many teachers that come into our lives, such as those you meet in business, friendship, and romantic relationships… Everyone is a teacher, right?

A while back, I hired a consultant to help me launch a program. And this guy was very bright… So much so that my business transformed for the better while I was working with him.

But I started to see red flags in him as we worked together that went off like sirens in my soul. And no matter how much I loved his help, I didn’t love this dark residue I started to notice in his advice and in our interactions.

I called my lawyer to ask her about what I was seeing: “Jamie–something about his offer to help me with X feels like a conflict of interest. Am I on acid? Does this feel off? Am I paranoid?”

She told me to fire him.

But he’s helping me so much! WHAT am I going to DO without him? I thought.

And then I let him go…

I said goodbye to all of his great business knowledge, knowing that the red flags just weren’t worth it to me. For a few weeks that followed, I was bitter that I opened my world to someone who tried to take advantage of me.

And then I remembered: he changed my life. He made a difference for me. And for every one sketchy thing I saw in him, there were five great things he taught me.

I smiled, and I thanked the universe for sending him my way.

Is there someone “bad” in your life? Someone that you wish you didn’t let into your world? Someone you regret opening up to?

Thank them silently for what they taught you. Write down why you’re better because of them. And remember that lesson as a gift from them.

There are no mistakes. There are no bad teachers.

Being grateful for it all cuts through the noise. It’s the fastest path I know to fulfillment.



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P.P.S. My book of the week reco: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. Good god, I am obsessed with her. Seriously. And she’s best on audio, FYI.

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