The Power of Shortform: Book Summaries to Improve Your Life

Time! Who has it? That’s the problem with traditional reading – who has the time to pick a book, sit by the pool, on a park bench, or at the beach, and actually read?  Couple that with the fact that most people read books all wrong – their eyes bounce off the words on the […]

How to Write a Cover Letter for Internships with No Experience

We all bang our heads against the wall trying to come up with the perfect cover letter. The one with the catchy first line that entices HR to read the second sentence and, hopefully, the entire letter. You’ve got 3 seconds.  But what do you do if you have no experience?  Internships. Whether you’re still […]

4 Sample Scripts for Asking for a Promotion | Get a Pay Raise

Using the right words to ask for a promotion can be the difference between a corner office and a cubicle.  Before diving into scripts, don’t forget to do your homework. Are you coveting a position that already exists or creating a new one? If you’re hoping to squeeze into that coveted position a little bit […]

How To Get Noticed at Work (5 Brilliant and Simple Tips)

Being likable shapes how you’re treated by your co-workers and employers – and it just might be your ticket to a new title with more pay. To be likeable is more than top-notch interpersonal skills such as active listening, problem solving, and conflict resolution. It’s about rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty.  COVID-19 forced […]

How To Work With Helicopter Parents | 5 Simple Solutions

Your 10 AM applicant showed up with his mom. When you emailed the offer package, his dad responded with additional questions. In a follow-up call, he told you he would check with his parents and get back to you.   You might be working with helicopter parents.  Helicopter parents are involved in every aspect of a […]

Millennial Unemployment Rate: Why They Don’t Care

Millennials (born 1980-2000) realized we’ve been lied to – hard work and an education has not led to hirer paying jobs. Even though Pew Research Center shows that young Americans are making more than most Americans did at the same age, it is not enough. Today’s paycheck has the same purchasing power it did 40 […]

What to Do When Your Boss Disrespects You [10 Warning Signs]

What to do when your boss disrespects you

Let’s face it, everyone wants to work for someone that values us, our time, and our ideas. You work hard. You say “yes” far more than you say “no.” Yet, you still feel disrespected at the office.  Most likely, it’s your fault! OK, I know those words are hard to hear. But we set the […]

How to Find Headhunters on LinkedIn | Connect With Recruiters

How to find headhunters on linkedin

Headhunters are “let’s get it done” type of people. Afterall, headhunters are only paid after they make a placement. Headhunters work for agencies, and only account for 4.52% of hires. That’s not a lot. But it’s important to understand the role of headhunters before you learn how to find headhunters on LinkedIn.  Headhunters are called […]

How To Find Who To Address Cover Letter To | 4 Successful Tips

How to find who to address cover letter to

Cover letters can make the difference between getting an interview or getting overlooked. They fill in the gaps and add context to your resume. A great cover letter can lead to an interview when your resume isn’t good enough 83% of the time.  Applicants should use cover letters to explain their motivation to join the […]

How to Manage Millennials at Work | What CEOs Must Know

How to manage millennials

Millennials (born 1980 – 2000) are more educated and tech savvy than any other generation. We grew up with information at our fingertips. And by 2025 we will make up 75% of the workforce. However, millennials are a flight risk. Our generation is the least engaged at work. More than 60% of millennials are open […]

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