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Top 7 Best Motivational Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

When I first heard about podcasts, I was skeptical about the idea. For whatever reason, I just didn’t think they would be popular. 


Oh, how wrong I was.


Podcasts have proven to be among some of the most popular forms of content consumption. Across the globe, more than a third of people listen to podcasts every month, and in the US, more than 20% of people over the age of 12 listen to podcasts every week. 


As it turns out, podcasting is the perfect medium for smartphone users who are on the go. Whether you’re driving to work, riding on the subway, or walking somewhere, anytime you’re in movement— which can be quite a lot— is the perfect time to tune into a podcast. The fact is, podcasts are both entertaining and an easy way to pass the time without having to do anything but press play. 


However, I must say I have my own theories on why so many of us are enjoying podcasts. I figure that because so much of our day involves staring at screens, it can be relaxing to sit down and take in information that comes purely from your headphones. 


Whether my theory is right or not, what’s likely is that a variety of factors contribute to the extraordinary popularity of podcasts, because let me tell you, there are a ton of them! A survey from this year indicates that there are 850,000 active podcasts. That’s a lot


With so many options, it can be understandably difficult to pinpoint which ones you want to tune into. Lucky for you, I’ve picked out seven of my favorite podcasts from some of my favorite creators, one of which you’ll be sure to recognize!

  • The Angie Lee Show


If you tune into this first podcast, you’ll find right away that Angie Lee’s energy is absolutely electric and contagious, making The Anglie Lee Show the best way to kick start your day and tackle any challenge thrown at you. If you aren’t familiar with her, Angie is everything from an entrepreneur and marketing mastermind to an all-around boss lady who shares my desire to motivate young professionals in reaching their potential. 


Sometimes all you need to make changes in the right direction is, as Angie puts it, a “permission slip to start.” That’s what’s so awesome about her podcast— getting a piece of her professional insight will make you more motivated to achieve your goals than you’ve probably ever felt before. 


But, rest assured her podcast isn’t strictly about entrepreneurship or business advice either— Angie is many things, including a business person, but she’s also a woman. On her podcast, she provides honest and hilarious takes on so many issues affecting women right now, and in the male-dominated world of business, she’s an inspiring and vital voice to be heard.


I think that at the heart of her success is the fact that you can tell she cares about her audience. It’s truly not about clickbait for Angie. Rather than pour out content to get the most possible streams, Angie takes pride in providing the kind of advice that she finds genuinely valuable. And in a crowded and competitive digital space, that rare quality as a content creator has made her stand out. 

  • The Genius Life with Max Lugavere


Self-improvement is a journey, and there’s never really a finish line. I mean, find me someone who doesn’t want to make some sort of positive change in their life, who feels like everything is absolutely perfect. Frankly, I don’t think it’s possible. There are always ways to improve, whether that be boosting productivity, cultivating more creativity, or even just developing smaller, healthier habits.


If you’re looking to improve your overall quality of life somehow (and let’s face it, everyone is!), then The Genius Life podcast is right for you. Host Max Lugavere is best known for his New York Times bestselling book Genius Foods: Become Smarter, Happier, and More productive While Protecting Your Brain for Life, providing amazing insights on how to carefully consider what foods promote a happy and healthy life with improved cognitive function (hence the ‘genius’ part). 


Like the book, the podcast is all about sharing science that can help his audience make better, more informed decisions about how they treat their bodies. From preventing Alzhemier’s and dementia to boosting serotonin levels, Max Lugavere covers everything that might be useful to someone who is looking to lead a happy  life. 


If you’re looking to stay up to date on the newest science and hear from the experts themselves on health, wellness, fitness,and nutrition, then you will find that The Genius Life is one of the best motivational podcasts in making better choices.

  • Mark Groves Podcast


If you’re like me, you believe that there are few things more important than human connection. Well, Mark Groves happens to know a lot about that oh-so important subject of love and connection. On his podcast, the Mark Groves Podcast, he explores how to foster love in yourself, how to share it with others, the importance of good communication, and so much more. 


It’s hard not to take away so much from his podcast. All of us struggle in navigating relationships, whether they be romantic, platonic, or familial. The connections we form with each other can be complicated— so, while relationships can be a vital form of support, they can also be a source of stress, anger, and sadness. Mark Groves is all about navigating the latter and building the former. 


Even if he’s not covering a topic directly related to your current circumstance, his ideas give you a fresh perspective regardless. That’s the beauty of Mark’s show: he gently nudges you to take a look at your blind spots. 


It was through Mark’s show that I solidified my belief that the people with whom we surround ourselves and the kind of relationships we build are inseparable from the person we become. If you decide to tune into the Mark Groves Podcast, there’s no doubt you’ll find it to be one of the most inspiring podcasts of 2022

  • Divine Living Podcast With Gina DeVee


Speaking of which, Gina DeVee’s podcast is truly among one of the best inspiration podcasts you can find in 2022. To Gina, Divine Living is all about knowing your worth, asking for more when you deserve it, and never apologizing for the person you are. In a sense, Divine Living is about being bold and self-assured so that you are tapping into the kind of life you deserve to live, authentic and fulfilling.


Her philosophy is that you should never have to compromise. What’s especially awesome about her podcast is that it creates a space for women to be honest and share their stories in a way that historically (and even today) isn’t all so common, unfortunately. Consistent with her message, when Gina has guests on her show, she gives them the space to be their authentic selves.


DeVee helps us imagine what life would be like if we woke up with the mindset that miraculous things were about to happen. Talk about positivity, right? Tune into Divine Living to hear the stories of accomplished, daring women and their unique journeys.

  • The Unmistakable Creative


The Unmistakable Creative is a podcast that never fails to move me. I’ve been a guest on many podcasts, but host Srinivas Rao asked me certain questions that no other host had before. Some of his questions were truly so insightful and that it was hard to leave The Unmistakable Creative without even more love for the show, which I didn’t think was possible. 


The sentiment that I admire most from Rao is this idea that whether you identify yourself as a creative or not, everyone is born to create. Creativity can come in many different forms— so it doesn’t necessarily mean just being some sort of Picasso or a Mozart. You can be creative in all aspects of your life, and Rao’s interviews help light the way to freeing up your creativity, and so much more.


A few episodes I particularly like are: 


  • “The Hidden Forces that Drive Your Best Work with Todd Henry.” 


In this episode, you learn that Todd Henry is a man of many skills. He is a thinker, speaker, and author of books such as The Accidental Creative, Louder Than Words and The Thinking Code. Much of his work motivates us to get in touch with our inner selves, and he touches upon an especially important issue for young creatives in the world today: with social media, it’s becoming more and more difficult not to compare yourself and your work to others. But, in order to give yourself the freedom to create, you need to realize that this comparison impulse really kills the creative spirit. 


By talking through this issue, Todd Henry makes it easier to acknowledge and manage that urge to compare ourselves to other people. 


  • “Money is Only Important If You Know Why You Want It with Grant Sabatier.” 


Grant Sabatier is the founder of Millenial Money and the author of Financial Freedom. In this conversation, Sabatier and Rao discuss why money doesn’t mean all that much unless you understand how you want it to enrich your life. 


This conversation resonated with me because it reminded me of one of my own deeply held ideals: you have to understand the goal behind the goal. If money helps you live the life you want to live, then making money can be a means to achieving what you want. Money— in and of itself— isn’t the end game. 

  • On Purpose with Jay Shetty


On the subject of his podcast, Jay Shetty says his purpose is “to make wisdom go viral.” I love this statement for two reasons: on the surface, it seems somewhat contradictory. After all, the word “viral” makes us think of Grumpy Cat or TikTok dances— not exactly the kind of subjects that scream “wisdom.” 


The second reason I love that statement is because it speaks to the beauty and unique position of podcasts in the zeitgeist. Through a medium that is accessible worldwide, you can convey complex and fascinating subjects that open up someone’s mind. 


Shetty is a complex and intriguing character. From living at a Vedic monk to producing popular videos for the Huffington Post, to appearances on popular shows like Ellen Degeneres Show and Today, he brings the kind of unique point of view that only that unique of a life can give you to his show. 


Some of my favorite episodes of On Purpose that you have to check out are: 


  • “Alicia Keys: On The Permission to Be More Yourself and the Gift of Saying No” 
  • “Kobe Bryant: How to Be Strategic and Obsessive to Find Your Purpose” 
  • “Kelly Rowland: On How to Build Stronger Relationships and Find Your People” 
  • “Three Strategies Truly Confident People Use to Overcome their Ego”
  • “Katherine McNamara: Centering On Joy Amongst Chaos and Finding Your Purpose Through Curiosity” 


  1. You Turn Podcast with Ashley Stahl


As much as I’d like to toot my own horn, what I think makes my show great is all the incredible people I’ve had the chance to interview and connect with since it’s started.


The topics I cover with my guests of course include work and career progress, but I also discuss everything from love, friendship, relationships, and what I believe are important, collective issues of our time. Hopefully you’re as excited about my guests as I am, because I’ve surely had my own shameless ‘fan-girl’ moments on the show. 


Here are a few of my favorite episodes with people who I find unbelievably moving: 

  • “How to Sell Yourself with Ryan Serhant”: 
  • “How to Be an Incredible Negotiator with Chris Voss”
  • “How to Ask for What you Want with Annie Lalla” 
  • “How to Feel More Alive in Your Job with Dan Cable”
  • “The 7 Different Lies We Tell with Lauren Zander”
  • “How to Uplevel Your Money Mindset with Chris Harder”


I hope that these podcasts will provide you with valuable insights— both ones you knew you needed, and ones you didn’t expect. I know I’ve grown a ton from listening to and being a part of important conversations, so you never know: the gem of information that you’ve been waiting for is just a click away. 

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