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Secrets to better productivity at work

10 Secrets To Better Productivity at Work for Successful People

Feeling overwhelmed? Does your to-do list never become an I got-it-done list? If you’ve ever admired a successful entrepreneur or executive, chances are you’re looking at someone who has figured out how to maximize their time. So what are the secrets to better productivity at work? Here’s a few ideas to turbocharge your day.


1. Keep Lists


If you’re doing one thing while stressing over something else, what you are really doing is sapping your productivity. I like to keep paper and pen nearby to jot down ideas or tasks that need attention. Writing something down can remove it from your subconscious, which not only improves your focus but keeps you from forgetting things.

2) List Tasks


While we’re on the topic of lists, another great trick for better productivity at work is to write down what needs to be done the next day. This should be the last thing you do at work. This habit reduces the time you spend obsessing over unfinished tasks. It will also help you stay on track –– especially midweek when many of us flounder. As psychologist Dr David Cohen explains, to-do lists “dampen anxiety about the chaos of life; they give us a structure, a plan that we can stick to; and they are proof of what we have achieved that day, week or month.”

3) Reduce distractions


Modern life often seems like a constant series of interruptions. Don’t let your day get derailed. When you’re working, keep your phone on silent –– either face down on your desk or even better stowed in a drawer, purse, or briefcase. Turn off notifications. Your time spend checking Insta posts the moment they post isn’t doing anyone any favors. When you’re working on a document, make it full-screen to reduce the chance that you’ll see something shiny that demands attention. 


4) Play Some Tunes


Background music isn’t created equal. No matter how much you love opera or hip hop, the lyrical content of these genres is likely to pull you from your work. I like classical in the morning and happy pop for an afternoon burst of energy. No matter your preference, music can reduce distraction and help you focus. Sometimes just playing a song you love can put some pep in your step and help you complete a task.

5) Don’t Multitask


Speaking of distractions, anyone working on several things at once is likely doing a poor job on all of them. Multitaskers only look productive. Study after study verifies that they are not. We usually inflate our talent for taking on multiple tasks –– the human brain evolved to single task. So focus on one task at a time. Finish it (or the day’s objective) then move on to the next.


6) Track Your Time


Get in the habit of noting start and end times on projects. Or use an app like Clockify. Estimate how long a task will take and note how close you are to the guess. Crafting a time budget can help you save time the same way a household budget helps you save money

7) Go Offline


If you find yourself killing minutes by web surfing, find excuses to work offline. Some do first drafts with pen and paper, others just disconnect from wi-fi. Whatever your method, staying off the internet can help you be more productive. 


8) Stay Healthy


Exhausted workers are unproductive workers. Lack of sleep effects everything from mood and motivation to learning and memory. Make getting enough sleep a priority. Don’t answer emails late at night, keep blue light to a minimum before you tuck into bed. Up your fruits and veggie game and start drinking more water and less soda. Get some sort of exercise every day. Whether it’s yoga, weight training, Krav Maga, or just a stroll around the neighborhood, the simple act of exercising improves not just physical fitness but mental fitness as well. Taking care of your body during your off hours is another way to achieve better productivity at work

9) Use Your Early Energy Wisely


Many of us find those first hours at work to be the most productive. If that’s true for you, then tackle the task you’re dreading. Get it out of the way early. Or take on something that requires more focus and creativity. Don’t fall in the trap of answering emails first thing –- it only gives you a false sense of accomplishment and can too easily derail your work. 

10) Don’t Forget the Rewards


This is why forgoing regular social media perusals is so beneficial. Delay gratification. When you complete a task or a project, enjoy some web surfing. Or watch a movie, catch up with friends –– something.


Remember, productivity is a journey, not a destination. Try one or two of these tips and see how much more you can do in a day! 


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