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Breaking Your Career Narrative

Nothing is more powerful than one’s desire to continue self identifying. We subconsciously decide who we are, and we commit to living in this box that potentially restricts us from fully stepping into our vastness, who we truly are.

Here are three truths about the inner experience:

1. Someone’s experience with you has absolutely nothing to do with who you are. Their experience with you is just that: theirs. Overall, nothing is truly personal. (For more on this idea, I recommend you read The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz)

2. You are not your thoughts. With roughly 70,000 thoughts each day (98% of which are repeated), it’s tempting to buy into each and every thought. This is simply a misunderstanding. You’re not your thoughts. Think of them like clouds in the sky… They only hurt you if you decide to buy in.

3. The majority of your conditioning and beliefs are set by age seven.  Interestingly enough, our operations manual for life is solidified during this early stage. Psychologists estimate that we operate at a level of 5% consciousness, suggesting that the remaining 95% of our operation comes from the subconscious… Unless you’ve taken the time to evaluate your core beliefs around money, success and happiness, chances are that your subconscious patterns — set at a young stage — are still running the show.

These three truths apply to work, and to life as we know it.

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