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8 Awesome Career Podcasts You Need to Tune Into in 2022

We all occasionally need extra motivation. That’s why I love podcasts. They can deliver so much during the times when you might not be doing much at all –– like waiting in line or running on a treadmill. As host of my own podcast, I find myself drawn to the amazing variety of  entrepreneurs, business leaders, and life coaches creating their own amazing content. If you’re in the midst of a job search or gunning for a promotion, there are times you just need a little dose of inspiration. That’s why I’ve rounded up this list of the eight best career podcasts you need to devote time to in 2021.


1. Switch, Pivot, or Quit, Ahyiana Angel


If you’re trying to figure out your next move, Ahyiana Angel’s Switch, Pivot, or Quit podcast can help. I admire Angel because we both know what it’s like to make a drastic career change –– she shifted from sports entertainment to publishing. Hearing first hand experiences is a great way to not only sort out your own dilemmas but also realize that what once seemed daunting is truly possible. And while you prep for the work week, check out Angel’s “Seven Minute Sunday” series.

2. Career Talk: Learn — Grow — Thrive, Stephanie Davis


Most career-focused podcasts offer some insight but how many are hosted by an actual recruiter? If you’re embarking on a job search, put aside some time to listen to this podcast. From resume tips to honing your interview technique, Career Talk covers all the nuts and bolts of landing the ideal job in 2021. 

3. Side Hustle School, Chris Guillebeau


Not every career aspiration involves being an employee or working in an office. Whether you’re hoping for some extra money or you hope to develop your own business, bestselling author Chris Guillebeau provides daily details on the ins and outs of working a side hustle. You’ll learn about gigs you might never have considered along with the challenges you can face. Perhaps best of all, Guillebeau spends time interviewing people who are thriving as independent contractors. 

4. Being Boss,  Emily Thompson


Your dreams may not seem as elusive after your listen to Emily Thompson’s Being Boss, which I think is one of the best career podcasts. At six-years-old, it continues to offer real-world guidance on the steps you can take to have the career you’ve always wanted. It can even motivate you to turn your side hustle into a full time business. 


5. Career Tools


Every week Career Tools gives information on career advancement along with ways to shine in the job market. Also known as Manager Tools, this is a good broadcast to check out when your get up and go has left the building. If you need a bit of fire to finally polish the resume, this one is it. 

6.  Mind Love Podcast, Melissa Monte


Not all career podcasts are focused on the world of work. I truly believe that success comes from practicing mindfulness. If you’ve been flustered during an interview or panicked during a meeting with your boss, Melissa Monte’s heartfelt podcast can help you hone your mindfulness with modern techniques to master your mindset. I’m further inspired by her own journey and the challenges she overcame. I believe you will be too.


7. Career Cloud Radio, Justin Dux


Another great source of practical advice, Career Cloud Radio has covered everything from dealing with unusual interviews to success secrets to help your resume stand out from the crowd. You’ll hear from hiring managers, recruiters, and other industry professionals. Like the other podcasts, there is a huge archive available of past broadcasts –– which means they have probably devoted an episode to a specific challenge you’re facing during your career quest.


8.  Life Kit,, Meghan Keane


From National Public Radio, this family of podcasts covers everything from exercise techniques to making friends. They also have episodes focused on asking for a raise, finding a mentor, and landing a job after college. You’ll likely enjoy Meghan Keane’s approach to career podcasts so much that you’ll start listening to her other episodes as well.


No matter how strong your support system, looking for a job or a promotion can sometimes feel lonely and isolating. Knowing that others have been right where you are and not only survived but thrived can really help.


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