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Careers with purpose

Careers With Purpose | 5 Meaningful Job Opportunities

Millennials more than any other generation will choose a job based on the purpose the company serves in society. In fact, 62% of millennials believe businesses should focus on improving society over generating a profit. Millennials will also take a job with lower pay if it means having a position with meaning. 

There are essentially three types of purpose: professional purpose, team purpose, and community purpose. Professional purpose is about opportunities for growth through learning, training, or advancement. Having a team purpose is about collaboration and working together for a common goal. Finally, community purpose means contributing to society in a positive way. 

Any career can create opportunities for professional and team purpose. However, careers with purpose are those that affect the greater good. There are some careers with an obvious purpose, such as clergy, doctors, and teachers. But there are a lot of great purpose-driven careers. Here’s just a sampling.   

  1. Coach. Of course, I have to put that first. There are so many niches within the coaching industry but coaching in general is purpose driven. As a coach you are a mentor, cheerleader, and there for your clients every step of the way. Your goal is to help your clients succeed by helping them find their inner skills, strengths, and abilities.


  1. Physical therapist. Physical therapists help their clients regain their strength after injury, surgery, or a medical event like a stroke. They are compassionate and driven to see their clients get their lives back. 


  1. Postsecondary health teacher. These teachers teach courses in health specialties such as public health, veterinary medicine, dentistry, and any other medical-related education course. Their purpose is to educate the next generation of health care providers. 


  1. Art Director. An art director works behind the scenes in advertising, publishing, and media. Their job is to create a story for the company brand so that consumers will make a purchase or sign up for a service. Art directors work in all industries, including for companies with a strong philanthropic philosophy. 


  1. Complementary therapist. This can be a massage therapist, acupuncturist, esthetician, nutritionist, or any other complementary therapist. Working in complementary medicine means you’re providing comfort for patients undergoing medical treatments whether those are for cancer, post-surgical, or disease. 

Choosing a career with purpose shouldn’t mean sacrificing your paycheck. While some purpose-driven careers offer lower pay, there are still many ways to make money and still work with purpose. For example, teachers’ salaries are not known to knock your socks off. To supplement your income, create digital courses. Digital courses, especially in light of the pandemic, can make a lot of money. 

Be creative in your search for purpose-driven work. Begin with soul-searching, journaling, and researching careers that interest you. Reach out to your network and ask for informational interviews to get to know what it’s like to live a day in the life of whatever career excites you. Apply for an internship or volunteer. Get out there and have fun. A purpose-driven career should be something you’re good at, you love doing, you’re paid for, and the world needs. 

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