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4 Creative Ways To Engage Employees, Boost Productivity

Employee engagement is one of the most important factors for a company in keeping its employees happy and satisfied. It’s one of the most valued aspects of a job for employees, with Unfortunately, it’s currently a bit too low. Only 34% of employees report feeling engaged at work (and even though this number is higher than it’s been in past years, it’s still not nearly high enough). Keep in mind, too, that engagement is highly valued by employees, with 42% saying that being engaged at work improves their overall quality of life. 


As important as engagement is for employees, it’s critical for the company, too. It means fewer sick days over the course of a year, and increased employee retention, happiness, and productivity. Basically, companies should be highly incentivized to engage their employees.


Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. There are a few set things that employees crave, that boost engagement — and they work both in the office and remotely. Here are four creative ways to engage employees to boost productivity, morale and overall work satisfaction for both parties

  • Make flexible hours

Employees have been advocating for flexible work hours and the possibility of remote working for years. And since we started working from home at the beginning of COVID, many studies have shown that flexibility in work is actually incredibly beneficial. 97% of employees said that more work flexibility would positively impact their lives, and make them more productive and happier in their jobs. So, a great way to keep your employees engaged? Listen to the type of flexibility they crave. Maybe some spend way too long commuting to work, and starting and ending an hour earlier or later could save them unnecessary in rush hour traffic. Or maybe they are more productive working from home (which has been proven to be the case for 47% of employees). Whatever ways you can allow for more flexibility within the job will positively impact your employees. 

  • Give more feedback

Annual performance reviews are staple in most jobs, but did you know it’s probably not enough? Employees who get routine, impactful feedback report higher levels of productivity, happiness, and overall engagement. Studies show that 43% of the highest engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week. So if you’re looking to make sure your employees are engaged at work, try setting some more time aside to give constructive feedback. 

  • Put them in leadership roles

Everyone wants to feel valued at work – image putting the work in, day to day, with nothing to show for it but feeling stalwart in your job? Employees are looking for growth opportunities — they crave leadership, trust, and confidence. In fact, 21% of employees said they would stay in their jobs, rather than quit, if there were clear growth opportunities. It’s time to give your employees your confidence and trust, and let them grow in new roles and positions that challenge them, and give them new opportunities. 

  • Be appreciative 

When was the last time you thanked your employee or coworker? Unfortunately, the majority of employees said they aren’t receiving the recognition they deserve for a job well done — and it’s taking its toll. 66% say they’d quit because they don’t feel appreciated, while only a third report actually receiving substantial appreciation. This needs to change! Managers need to take the time to give their employees appreciation and recognition. This can be as simple as commending them after a presentation gone well, or thanking them for a well-done report. 


Companies need to be more aware of what their employees need and want out of their jobs, in order to keep said employees engaged and happy. It’s not about doing a complete 180 and changing the company culture entirely. But taking the time to reassess where things can be improved and changed will help the employees, help the company, and leave everyone more satisfied overall. And who doesn’t want that!

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