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Employers Responsibility to Report Covid

Since the COVID-19 has lasted for almost a year now, employees tend to slowly adjust to the new environment regardless if they work at home or practice the social distancing protocols in their workspace. Nevertheless, the uncertainty this global pandemic holds created an extreme emotion of fear to anyone. 


Companies should use this circumstance as an opportunity to lend a hand to their employees who are in need. With that in mind, it is the employers responsibility to report COVID to help their employees and ease their stress.


  • Urgent Corporate Actions

Employees have reported that the company still did not make any changes regarding the effect of the coronavirus. Regardless of the span of the uproar of the COVID-19, employers should have a sense of urgency when it comes to responding to the changes the company would have due to the situation. They should have a straightforward approach to create order and unity in the management. It would be best to inform the employees about the next step regardless if it is a small or big change. 


Remember that every individual experiences and responds to stress differently; therefore, it would be best to inform and create practices that would help your team cope with the situation best. To prevent misinformation from spreading, relying on disseminated government information is the key. The main priority today should be the welfare and safety of the people. Proposing and improved health protocols should be done to prevent the virus from spreading nor from having an employee acquire the disease. 


Here is what you can do to create effective communication with your employees:

  • Acknowledgment: Be straightforward and indicate your intention right away. Due to the circumstance, the welfare and safety of your employees should be the priority.
  • Lead: Explain the changes to your team and how the occurrence affected the company. Tell them how this event can affect them and motivate them to create new ways and practices to ease the current situation’s stress.
  • Share tips: You should be distinct about this step to be comprehended immediately. Indicate the new actions provided by the employers and the possible aftermath for the company. 
  • Communicate: Do not forget to remain connected with your team and be open to questions to understand further the tasks assigned. 


Several companies such as Food Bank, Salesforce, UPS, and Costco created emails that indicated company members who followed the steps stated above.


Keep in mind that the employer’s responsibility is to report covid incidents and traumas to the workers. Several employees experience emotional distress, which places one’s life at risk. The pandemic affected everybody on a whole new level; therefore, one’s well-being should be the company’s utmost priority. It would be best to initiate activities that positively impact your people, especially if they are away from their children. 


  • Update Health Policies

Employers should be more lenient when it comes to an employee’s sick leaves. Before the pandemic, it was stated that workers tend to attend work despite feeling ill due to the fear of overspending their leaves. If employers would be more lenient, the spread of the virus can be prevented. 


It was shown on a survey that only a few companies offered employees to garner more amounts of leave. Therefore, most companies in the economy still offer zero to a lack of support to their employees. 


Companies should be more considerate at this point since a week of paid leave is not enough if their worker obtained the COVID-19 virus. Keep in mind that a contagious virus lasts for at least three weeks; therefore, if employees try to get back to work without its full recovery, best believe the virus can spread throughout the premises. 


An act for small enterprises was established in lieu of employees who might acquire the virus if they need to take care of their children or spouse. It is called the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Nevertheless, big companies are still obliged to be responsible for their employees’ welfare. 


Companies should consider creating precautionary measures immediately to maintain a healthy environment and safe workplace once and for all. Thus, they should not allow employees who show symptoms to enter the area unless they have completed the law’s quarantine measures.


  • Seize Remote Set-up

Most companies tend to ignore the idea of working from home, but as of the moment, they need to oblige with the concept. Younger employees tend to be assertive that they can execute their tasks the same way as the old set up in the new environment. Though distractions are just around the corner, it would be best to create a workspace used only for your working periods. 


Work from home should entail a flexible work schedule arrangement since students tend to stay at home. Therefore companies should require early morning and late-night set up for employees to attend to their home responsibilities. 


Keep in mind that staying at home may result in an intense need for physical contact. Therefore, hosting virtual events only for engaging with your members is the best answer to this problem. Asking your team about how they are going every once can ease the current situation’s tension. 


Here are a few of the things you and your team can do during your virtual meetings:

  • Invite a Motivational Speaker: Allows your employees to seek advice and ask questions afterward.
  • Learning Event: Host an online learning course for your members and discuss the current setup since this will enhance and motivate your members to work better.
  • Allow Members to be The Star of the Show: It is a great start to engage with your people outside of the professional field. This will allow your team to feel comfortable and look at your department as a safe space.


WIthout your workers, your company would not reach its current state. Therefore, take care of your people, and everything will be placed in its right position. 

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