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Fun jobs for women

10 Fun Jobs For Women That Are Rewarding And Pay Well

We spend 2080 hours a year at our jobs! That’s 40 hours a week for 52 weeks. Why not enjoy your job? 

A recent Gartner study found that only 13% of employees are largely satisfied with their jobs and nearly half are largely dissatisfied! 

The pandemic changed the way we work. A new job-class emerged, essential workers, providing services such as food, health care, and transportation. Other workers moved to remote settings in response to stay-at-home orders. The economy shifted, unemployment soared, and business as usual went out the door. 

In our modern, post-COVID workplace it’s time for some fun. Here’s a list of my top 10 fun jobs for women, in no particular order! 

For the numbers people – try out these fun jobs!  

Let’s face it, we all could use a little help with our money. Whether we’re making more money or just trying to save what we have. We’re trying to find more ways for our money to work for us. 

  1. Financial advisors help clients meet their financial goals. Financial advisors meet with clients in person or virtually to work on anything from creating budgets to retirement planning. Some financial advisors are licensed to sell insurance. The goal of the financial advisor is to help create a viable and comfortable future. Financial advisors generally have a bachelor’s degree in business or finance. 

Because it’s fun and a great idea. Create a woman-centered business with a focus on helping women achieve financial goals and live prosperous lives. 

Salary expectations: $87,850  

  1. Financial managers work with companies to oversee business finances. They create financial reports, cash-flow statements, and profit projections. Financial managers work with numbers, but one of their more important job functions is being able to explain the numbers. To work as a financial manager, you must be able to clearly and precisely communicate. The most marketable financial managers will be able to handle international finance. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts the need for financial managers to grow 15.5% between 2019 and 2029. A bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting, economics, or finance is usually required. Often financial managers have a master’s degree in one of these subjects as well. 

Salary expectations: $129,890

  1. Market research analysts help their clients figure out the who, what, and why of their customers: who their customers are, what they want, and why they want it. Market research analysts determine how much a customer is willing to spend to get what they want. They use focus groups, surveys, and other tools to determine buying habits and spending trends. This is the perfect career for you if you love diving into demographics, preferences, and the minds of consumers. The best market research analysts are able to understand the quantifiable aspects of their job as well as understand human emotions and what makes a person spend money. Typically, market research analysts have a bachelor’s degree in market research, statistics, or computer science. Some have a background in business administration, social science, or communication. 

Salary expectations: $63,790

Fun jobs for creative women. 

Maybe you’re a right-brain type of girl. I get it. You like to splash around with paint. Your idea of a good day is finding as many different shapes as possible in the clouds. Jobs for creatives are on the rise. We need people like you to balance out the left-siders. 

A tip about finding work in a creative field – your portfolio counts A LOT! More than any other field, what you can show you’ve done will go a long way. 

  1. Technical writers take complex information and synthesize it into readable manuals, how-to guides, journal articles, and other documents. Often technical writers work with subject matter experts (SMEs) to gather technical information before developing final documents. Technical writers start with a bachelor’s degree in communication, journalism, or English. Some universities are offering degrees in technical communication. According to the BLS, technical writing jobs are expected to increase 7% between now and 2029. 

Salary expectations: $72,850

  1. Fashion designers create the styles we wear. Fashion designers are hip, they know fashion trends, and love sketching designs and planning accessories. Fashion designers select colors, fabrics, and oversee production. 

Here’s a bonus real-life job in the fashion industry that most people don’t even know exists. Be a fit model! Fit models are used to determine sizing. Fit models “test drive” clothing. They’re a live mannequin that allow designers to see how the garment will look and move on a real person. Experienced fit models can make $400 an hour or more. 

Salary expectations (fashion design): $67,420

  1. User experience (UX) design is an up-and-coming profession that combines creativity and tech savvy. UX designers find new and creative ways to deliver experiences to the end user. They work with a product from initial research through development. They are involved in testing, implementing, and designing new products to meet the needs of consumers. A career in UX design will include technical and creative skills. While you don’t need a degree to break into the UX design field, it helps. There are undergraduate and certificate programs out there to help you get started. 


Salary expectations: $93,000

For those that enjoy working with people, here are my top choices. 

Most jobs include working with people. But these three fun jobs for women truly focus on the human component. They do not exist without collaboration, communication, and dedication. If this sounds like you, try out one of these jobs. 

  1. Public relations specialists build trust between companies and the public. They also work with individuals, like the president or top-name Hollywood actors, to create strategic communications to build relationships. PR specialists are tasked with making their client look good or adding a positive spin to a bad circumstance. PR specialists also work in brand awareness. Good PR specialists have a knack for communicating. Often a bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications, or English is required. 

Salary expectations: $58,020

  1. Registered nurses are in demand. With COVID-19, many of us supported the dedication and hard work of the nurses in our communities – the front line to the pandemic. Nurses are still needed, especially with more and more aging boomers. Nurses work in hospitals, home health, doctor’s offices, clinics, schools, and other settings. Traveling nurses take assignments up to 3 months anywhere in the US and abroad. Other options in nursing include working for organizations like Doctors Without Borders. There are two- and four-year nursing programs. While having a bachelor’s degree is best, depending on where you live or want to work, you can begin your career with an associate’s degree. 

Salary expectations: $73,300

  1. Communication directors are the voice of the companies they represent. Communication directors manage the communications team, determine marketing strategies, and direct public relations campaigns. Often the communication director is the face of the company. They steer messaging and branding. This position is for you if you love being in the spotlight. A bachelor’s degree in public relations or communications is required. 

Salary expectations: $73,659

Maybe you’re a mix of all of these – money-smart, creative, and love working with people. 

  1. Become a coach. I’m a career coach and I LOVE my job! So, as the 10th fun jobs for women, I choose coaching. Coaching is a diverse field with a ton of options. Start with what you know. Are you adept in small business? Become a small business coach. Love helping others create healthier lifestyles? Become a health and wellness coach. 

A coach helps people improve their performance. We’re guides to help our clients get to where they want to be. Our focus is on awareness and empowerment. 

The sky is the limit with coaching. If you want to launch your business as a coach, sign up for the free e-course on my website. 

Finding meaningful work that is fun will tick away those 2080 hours each year. Gone are the days where we’re forced to grind away at a job we hate. Don’t do it! Tackle one of the jobs on this list or use the list to find inspiration of your own. 

Now get out there and have some fun…working! 

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