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Here’s how to find more energy in your life

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in struggle city lately when it comes to my motivation. Perhaps it’s that the holiDAZE are coming, or that I’ve had one to many pumpkin spice lattes—who knows… But it basically looks like me starring at the computer screen in hopes that inspiration slaps me upside the head.

This has sent me on a quest to figure out how one can access more energy… And I’ve come up with some answers.

1. Assess whether your life is congruent with your core values. Your core values are key ingredients to your happiness, and it’s so important that you know what they are (CLICK HERE to see my core values list—and pick five!). Ask yourself: is my life and career aligned with these values? And if not, where is the gap? Come up with a list of where your life is not aligned with your values so that you can recalibrate. When you sync up with these values, you shine in such a big way.

2. Know that energy is not a zero-sum phenomenon; it’s infinite… And thus, the real game is not about “finding more energy,” but rather about accessing the well of energy that is already available to you. So, I bet you’re wondering: how do I do this? So glad you asked… We’ll cover that in a moment.

3. You need a purpose that is bigger than you. If you’re feeling stuck, depleted or burnt out, it’s because your “why” is SMALLER than YOU. Whenever I’m low on energy, I take that as an indicator that I’m not connected enough to whatever mission I’m pursuing… This always inspires me to brainstorm and assess.

And you seriously deserve a big shiny “why” that drives you in your life. So dig in, pull out more of yourself, and connect to who you truly are. When you live in accordance with your values and you get clear on your “why” in life, you shine in such a big way… And as you step into being this powerful light, you attract so much goodness.

4. Workout, eat right, and all that other trite stuff. Enough said!

Sending you love from Indonesia this fine morning!



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