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How to be happier

“Happiness is an accomplishment.”

That was on my yogi tea bag this morning. I stared at it and felt my brain explode.

Dang… Happiness really is an achievement—and here’s why:

1. In order to be happy, you have to say “no” to what isn’t fully aligned with your happiness.

This means walking away from a relationship that just isn’t right, even if it pains you. This means deciding against that fun vacation your friends are taking when you know it’s crunch time at work and you need to be committed to it. That means setting boundaries with that coworker that keeps throwing their workload at you.

That sort of strength right there is a serious accomplishment only meant for self-honoring warriors.

And on that note…

2. Happiness means not pleasing everyone.

Needless to say, your “no’s” won’t be fun for everyone who hears them… Are you willing to love yourself enough to sit in that discomfort? Because let me tell you… The fastest path to misery is pleasing everyone else. Don’t be a martyr for everyone else’s happiness. Choose you first. Fill your cup so you have something to give.

3. To be happy is to listen to yourself…

And we live in a noisy world. To be willing to sift through the noise—everyone’s opinions and beliefs about what’s right or wrong for you—and to make a conscious choice in alignment with your higher self (that wise voice inside of you) is true freedom and happiness. This comes down to having the confidence to know that you know best for yourself, and being willing to value yourself so much that you honor that inner voice.

I’ve read studies that indicate that confidence comes from making and honoring commitments with yourself.

So first, ask yourself: What do I really want in my life?

And commit to that happiness. Fight for it. Love yourself enough to honor it.

Are you willing to let it be this good? A good book to explore that is Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

I love you.


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