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How to brand yourself on Instagram

How To Brand Yourself On Instagram: 7 Simple Steps

Chances are Instagram is your go-to time killer. With its plentiful pics of food, fashion, and destinations the app is ideal for recharging mental batteries in between projects or other tasks. Yet it’s also an important career tool. If you’ve been posting random selfies and pet pics, you might not be thinking about how to leverage its unique functions to boost your business or speed your ascent up the career ladder. So, here’s how to brand yourself on Instagram.
Know Yourself

Before your next post, do a personal inventory. Brainstorm adjectives that best describe who you are and write them down. Enlist a friend to help. Are you lighthearted or serious, free spirited or responsible? If you want to know how to brand yourself on Instagram, you should start by determining who you are as a person. Then choose two or three of the best descriptors. From now on, only post content that matches at least one of those adjectives. Believe it or not, doing this will make using social media easier, not harder.
Know What You Want

Again making a list can really help. So what are your career aspirations? Are you launching a new business? Seeking clients? Entering the job market? You can use Insta to help you achieve your dreams but only if you can articulate what they are. Your brand will only be coherent if you figure out why you are using Instagram in the first place (besides as a distraction). You might find it helpful to post these goals near your computer as a way to maintain focus.
Don’t Confuse Your Audience

As you develop your brand, take a look at your user name and profile pic. Your user name should be familiar to clients and customers while your pic should be an accurate representation of yourself. Since you are the brand, then you need to be front and center. In other words, using your fur baby as a profile pic probably won’t cut it. Remember, you are curating an outward-facing, public Instagram site designed to attract potential clients, customers, or employers. So make sure your user name and picture is your own or the name of your company or product. If the name you want is already taken, use one that’s close to who you are. Ideally you will use this name across platforms, especially on Twitter.
Be Consistent

Once you establish who you are and what your goals are it will be easier to see what to post and even more importantly what not to. Randomness will not help your brand. That doesn’t mean it has to be monotonous. If you’re in marketing, those travel pics may not be on-brand ––– unless you can tie it into the field. For example, maybe you noticed a cool campaign while vacationing in Cannes. As you start out, take your time. Make sure a picture fits the brand before posting it. Part of consistency means that rather than posting willy nilly you stick to a set schedule.

Be Authentic

Of course the advice to be authentic is as challenging as the direction to “act natural.” This is part of taking your time. Before you post, see if it really reflects who you are. As you get used to thinking about your brand, you’ll also get better at posts that reflect your authentic voice –– the way you express yourself. If you remember Polonius’s advice in Hamlet, “This above all, to thine own self be true,” you’ll discover a vital step in how to brand yourself on Instagram.

Leverage Hash and Geotags

Hashtags can drive viewership as they connect people searching for a specific theme with your representation of it. Geotags can drive local traffic by identifying your location. Use hash and geotags sparingly but do use them. One idea is to search for influencers in your field and then utilize some of the hashtags they are using.

Remember it’s a conversation

Social media is filled with monologues. Yet the most successful brands interact with their customers or clients. So make responding to all non-troll comments as a primary goal. DM people who match your own interests and make use of the suggested connections that the site offers.

A final note about brand building. Although your profile pics can be different, try to maintain a similar brand identity across all platforms. Using Twitter, TikTok, and others to build your online presence along with Instagram is the secret to success in social media.

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