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How to brand yourself on social media

How to Brand Yourself on Social Media: 5 Simple Steps

Before you started reading this, chances are you were perusing social media. No question, it can be a fun distraction. It’s helpful for remembering birthdays, reconnecting with college chums, even communicating with Mom. Yet it can be so much more. For one thing, it can serve as an online resume (which does not mean you shouldn’t have an actual online resume). Social can reflect not just your interests but your aspirations.. That’s why it’s awesome for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur. So here are some tips on how to brand yourself on social media.

Look in the Mirror


It’s your personal brand. That means what really matters is your voice along with your image and presence. If you’re authentic and true to you, others will notice. If you halfheartedly copy the latest influencer trend you won’t win followers or self respect. Start by asking who you are and what you want to do. If you’re wondering how to brand yourself on social media, the key is consistency and authenticity. Google yourself. With an unbiased eye, ask how viewers will respond. You can also enlist a trusted friend. Make a list of what comes up and what you want to change. It’s easy to forget our values when we post, but this is a good time to ask yourself what they are. Corporations adopt mottos, you might want to consider your own. You could do worse than Polonius’s advice in Hamlet: “This above all, to thine own self be true,”

Do Some Winnowing


Inactive accounts provoke confusion. Whether you’re concerned about a company’s privacy policies or just don’t enjoy certain platforms, leaving a profile dormant doesn’t benefit anyone. Do a deep dive into your socials. Anything you aren’t updating regularly should be deleted. 


Remove as much negative content as possible. Did you know that not only do 70 percent of employers use social media to screen candidates but 54 percent have passed on a potential employee based on their content. So, take the time to ensure your online content illuminates who you really are. You can also get Google alerts so you’ll know when new info connected to your name appears online.


Keep it Consistent


Whether it’s a business or your own personal brand, consistency is key. Choose a font, a logo, and a color palate. Then use them across platforms. Think of large companies. Whether you’re on their Twitter or Facebook page, they have many identical elements. If each of your accounts looks different, it will only confuse potential clients, customers, or employers.


For profile pictures, use different shots from the same shoot. That way your playful Instagram page will not look radically different from your polished LinkedIn profile. In real life, use the same logo and font on calling cards and letterhead. 

Don’t Overshare


Sending out new tweets every few hours or posting pics twice a day is exhausting –– for you and for your followers. The sweet spot is around three to five posts per week, per platform. It can help to create content on a consistent schedule, although it’s fine to deviate from it occasionally if you really want to add something. The key is quality over quantity. Remember, you are crafting a brand identity. Leave the party pics and snarky memes to your Finsta account. 

It’s a Conversation, Not a Monologue


The key word in social media is “social.” If someone tweets at you, tweet back. If someone asks a question, try to answer. Sites rate engagement. The more you engage with followers the more you’ll be moved up in search results. If you’re still asking how to brand yourself on social media, one awesome way is to focus on the one thing you do really, really well. That could be creating content or nuclear physics. Answer questions, help others, provide value to everyone who visits your page. Before you know it, you’ll have more than just a brand. You’ll have an endeavor. 


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