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How to get more out of 2017

2016 was a wild ride for me.

I scaled our Limitless Career Lab job hunt program into 25 countries and really magnified the impact. I got engaged; then I called off my engagement. I moved to Venice Beach, CA. I traveled to Indonesia and Europe, I booked a hotel for my first live event in Los Angeles (It’s May 19-21 weekend in LA… Stay tuned!!)… And so much more.

But something felt unsettling to me as I listened to friends and family wish away 2016 as they rang in 2017… I don’t judge this habit, because I relate to it. But I do see that every year, this pattern sets in where there’s often a social dialogue around wishing away the prior year.

And I cannot help but acknowledge that time is always a gift—never one to be wished away. Challenges are a gift.

Let’s face it. If you’re on your deathbed, you cannot buy time… And it suddenly becomes the most valuable thing there is. I’ve watched my grandparents hold onto the ankles of time as they slip into their last breaths, and I know in my heart that time is something they would have given anything for.

If 2016 was killer for you, know that it’s preparing you for something bigger. You’re always being prepared to dare greatly, and it’s beautiful that time allows us to pull something out of the depths of our memory, brush it off and harness it as a powerful lesson that we can weave into the fabric of our lives.

If 2016 was a cakewalk for you, appreciate it for laying a foundation in your life—one you can jump off of like a trampoline, into new heights. The sky is waiting for you. You’ll be extra grateful for this delightful year if things get rainy for a while.

Whatever this year was for you, remember that people come and go. No year is duplicable, and for that reason, each year is special. I remember the years where my grandparents were here, the years where my biggest problem in the world was what to wear to school the next day, years where I fell in love, years where I endured losses… How could we wish any of that away?

Failure lives where success is.Joy lives where sadness is… Each year has all of it.

My wish for you in this New Year is that you see yourself as powerful as everyone else sees you. And for you to love your years as much as I love you.

I’m in a business mastermind group with Tony Robbins, and I thought this video he filmed a few years back was spot on. Gotta love him.

You can count on me. I know I’m not perfect, but I’m here.



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