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How to get more out of this holiday season

The holidays have me thinking so much about the topic of generosity.

Just think about all the times you’ve been a giver. …And then think about all the times you’ve been a taker or receiver.

Now you tell me… Which one has brought the most joy into your life?

Don’t get me wrong… There is a profound excitement and abundance in the act of taking what life has to offer you—especially when it comes to reaching your goals. However, when I really examine my life, it’s clear that the most rewarding moments have not been from reaching my goals as much as they’ve been from giving in some way.

When’s the last time you were generous?

I recently met a woman who runs a safe house for human trafficking victims in Atlanta, GA… She sends rescue teams into the city, which save women from being prostituted. I was so moved by the work she does and the meaning behind it that I wrote a check out of my personal bank account right then and there.

This is a habit that I started to form — giving — even when I was struggling to pay my rent.

That dream home, that dream job, or dream partner will never fulfill you quite like you can fulfill yourself just by the act of giving.

As Picasso says: the meaning of life is to find your purpose. The purpose of life is to give it away.

Ask yourself: who can I give to today? And give.

The world needs your light and it’s extra shiny when you’re giving.

Thanks for reading my words and being a part of my universe. Big love,


P.S. Have 5 minutes? Don’t wait to start Giving: Check out this TedTalk from Mark Bezos


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