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How to Reinvent Your Career

How to Reinvent Your Career at Any Age

COVID has given a lot of us pause for thought. Maybe you were laid off. Maybe your job no longer exists. Whatever the reason, you are ready for a change. You want to live the life you thought you’d have and that includes a new career. 

It’s never too late. In fact, a recent study found that 82% of individuals who changed their career after the age of 45 succeeded. Odds are definitely in your favor. What’s more, most of those in the study were glad they made the move. 

Learning how to reinvent your career is not rocket science, but it does take commitment. Here are a few tips to get you on your way to your next career move. 

Explore your options. 

As soon as you decide to make a career shift, start exploring your options. Take inventory of the skills you already have and the skills you wish you had. Explore new skills that light your fire. Use a journal to explore all the things you liked about your former career. Think of those things in terms of transferable skills. Evaluate your interests. Decide where you want to work. Maybe you like working from home or maybe you miss the camaraderie of working in an office. 

Take time to evaluate all of your options. If you’re older, this just might be your last move so take the time you need to make a great decision for yourself. 


You can’t stand on the fence forever. Commit to the change you are making. It will require work and effort on your part, but the gain is worth it. It can help to write down your new goals and post them in a prominent area. Studies show you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down. 


If you’ve built a personal online brand, you may need to spend some time rebranding. Update your profiles to show the “new you.” Begin with your LinkedIn profile but don’t neglect your other platforms. You will need to demonstrate through your online brand that you are capable of making a career shift in the direction you want to go. Use your previous experience and the skills you have to link the connection from what you did to what you want to do. Use words like “natural progression” to describe the shift. Control the narrative and be consistent across your social platforms. 

Embrace the in between. 

When you begin to change your career, you’re leaving something behind and embracing something new. There is an in between period. This is where you need to fill the gaps. Maybe that means going back to school or taking evening workshops. Whatever it is, you will need to embrace this period of uncertainty – of holding on verses letting go. 

Let go. 

Don’t self-sabotage. It is so easy to let doubts creep into your mind: I’m not good enough, I’m too old, I don’t know what to do next, and I don’t want to throw away the career I’ve built so far. If you really want to make a shift and know in your heart it is the best decision for you, let go of these beliefs.  

Here is what I can tell you. Reinventing your career at any age is hard and it’s scary. You have to take the first steps to redefine your career path. Take control. And make your best career move yet. Motivational speaker Michael Altshuler said, “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”  

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