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How to work from home for Amazon

How To Work From Home For Amazon

Chances are Amazon has recently delivered a package to your home. Remember when that was exciting, when every delivery felt like getting presents on your birthday? Now it’s an ordinary occurrence and you’re unboxing… a spatula. Still, since the world’s largest online retailer is already delivering to you, why not work for them from the very same place?


Last year’s lockdowns catapulted many professionals into an unfamiliar world of remote work. Maybe you were one of them. If your boss is asking you to come back to the office and you’re hesitating or if you’re just curious about remote work, here’s what you need to know about how to work from home for Amazon.


Helping Others… Full Time 


Working from home can definitely save you money. Your coffee and lunches are likely cheaper. Plus, you save a ton of money on gas or train fares. It’s possible you won’t even need a car! Besides the obvious cost, there’s all the money you lose while commuting. Put it this way. If you earn $20 an hour for an eight-hour day, that’s $160. But if your roundtrip commute is two hours, then you should be dividing by 10 not eight. That drops your wage to $16 an hour. If you’re paying for childcare, that could be a cost savings. Plus, that mandatory unpaid lunch isn’t an issue either (although even work-from-homers need regular breaks).


I mention all this before explaining that the most popular remote jobs at Amazon are in customer service. They require a year of experience, a high-speed internet connection and that you share Amazon’s obsession with keeping customers happy. What they don’t do is pay more than $15 an hour. Still, if you need a job there are far worse ways to get a paycheck. Most positions are full time and you’ll be an employee, not freelance. You could do everything from help customers find a missing order to troubleshoot for small business owners using Amazon Web Services.


On a lower pay scale but with far more flexibility, Amazon Mechanical Turk lets you complete simple tasks like watch a video, remove duplicates from business listings or tag photos. Blogger Angie Nelson calls it her “commercial break money.”  To be honest, I only really see commercials during the Super Bowl (thank you streaming channels) but if you’re wondering how to work from home for Amazon, it’s a nifty way to get some extra cash. Of course Amazon lets you easily transfer that money onto a gift card.


One cool work-from-home job is as an intern in Amazon’s growing film and TV development division. If you are a currently enrolled student interested in filmmaking but don’t live near a major production center like Atlanta, New York or L.A., it’s a great way to learn. It even pays a bit. Other surprising work-from-home jobs include fashion stylists, artists, and editors


Technical Jobs 


It’s probably not surprising that a company whose first big profit came from its web services, not its retail division would need IT support. If you have the experience and the credentials there are plenty of remote tech jobs available. These pay up to $45 an hour. The company also needs HR reps and recruiters. 


Essentially, any position you’d find at an office is available remotely. Keep in mind that just because you’re capable of working anywhere doesn’t mean you can. Amazon only hires remote workers in states where they have an office.


Finally, even as many businesses reduce their office footprint, Amazon is doubling down on commercial real estate. Last year the company expanded its physical offices in six U.S. cities and began hiring thousands of professionals to work there. As Vice President of Workforce Development Ardine Williams explained to The Wall Street Journal, “The ability to connect with people, the ability for teams to work together in an ad hoc fashion—you can do it virtually, but it isn’t as spontaneous. We are looking forward to returning to the office.” Still, there will always be opportunities to work from home for the company that pioneered home deliveries. 


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