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Are Job Posting Ads on Facebook Trustworthy?

Are Job Posting Ads on Facebook Trustworthy?

I’ll never forget receiving an invitation to join an online platform for people to connect.  I stared at the screen slightly confused, but curiosity took hold and I plugged in my college email address. And there it was…my Facebook profile. I joined in and began posting life updates and photos with friends. At the time, I had no idea this was going to be one of the biggest platforms in the world, and not just for fun, but for business success and professional development. 


Despite the number of social media competitions such as Snapchat, Instagram or TikTok, Facebook continuously rises on the field, with an average of 300 new profiles being created every minute. 


While I am a huge advocate for LinkedIn, Facebook has become a game changer for those seeking a job or looking to hire top talent. Over half of recruiters (55%) report using Facebook as a means to find and connect with top talent. With unemployment numbers ranging from 14% to 6% in 2020 (compared to the 3.5% a year ago) being on the look out on all platforms for work is key to staying top of mind in the search. 


With that in mind, here is some tips to apply to your online presence to obtain the job of your dreams through the job posting ads on Facebook.


  • Delete Unnecessary Posts

Check on your social media today. If you wish to seek a job using any online platform you must know what is currently associated with your professional name. 


Based on research, 70% of recruiters tend to check on the applicant’s Facebook account either prior to or after a candidates interview. It doesn’t stop at the interview stage, 43% of employers admit to looking at current employers social media presence. Therefore, creating a positive impression starting from your social media platforms can help you achieve the job you want.


Start by reviewing any photos or videos on your accounts that may be considered “unprofessional”.  Be sure you select the “view as” function on Facebook to see how your profile appears to the public.  You don’t need to remove everything that shows your personality; after all, you have a life outside of work and that doesn’t need to be hidden. Having a profile picture of you chugging a beer may sound fun, but if an employer sees this it may lead them to question your integrity and work ethic. While your life outside of work is your own, putting it online leaves it up to anyone, professional or not, to view. 


This doesn’t mean you have to only post professional headshots, be yourself and enjoy using the platforms for their intentions: connection and self expression. A great way to audit your profiles is to ask yourself, “If my grandparents saw this, would they approve?”. Chances are, if they wouldn’t, you’re employer wouldn’t either. 


While auditing your account, check on the privacy settings of your posts. If something is already posted online it can be pretty challenging to remove. So consider adjusting your privacy settings on certain content or creating a private album or group for content that might not be workplace sharable. 


  • Interact with Professionals 


Some individuals may create a border between their personal and professional, especially when social media platforms are involved. Keep in mind that we live in a new generation where people want to work with individuals they know. Use this platform as a way of connecting with significant people that will help you flourish in your career.


If you have your eyes set on working for a specific company, search out their Facebook page and see if there are any contacts within the organization you would like to connect with further. Join groups that discuss topics within your industry.  If you’re a marketing specialist look for online groups or pages that discuss marketing tactics and opportunities.  This is likely where many professional people in your area spend time. It’s all about figuring out where your target group lives and then consistently engaging with them online. 


Don’t limit yourself only to people’s personal pages, an even greater place to network on Facebook is in groups! Take a look in the search box for groups of like minded professionals, and start tuning into their dynamics.


  • Create Facebook Groups


Facebook groups are one of the most effective ways of finding people that share the same interest as you. While engaging in other groups is a great way to spread your name over a broad spectrum, consider stepping into a leadership role and starting a group of your own. Thus, you will be able to connect with them and promote your business at any time of the day. 


Data shows Facebook groups create more impact compared to a page. The reason being, your target market can immediately see your posts. 


When you go to create a Facebook group take time to envision who you want to speak to and build community around. This may look like targeting clients for your businesses services or creating a group for industry professionals in your niche market to share lessons, ideas and connection. 


From here, create conversation-starter posts to mingle with members since everybody will be engaging with you. View your group as a two-way street, the goal is to have all members contribute their insight, topics and updates relevant to the topic while you act as the liaison and leader.


  • Share Unique and Catchy Content


What you post matters, but that isn’t all. Posting content at the right time will allow you to reach your target audience right away. 


Study and refine when and how often you are engaging with people online. If you spend every hour on the platform it may make potential clients or recruiters wonder if all you do is spend your life online. If you run a business with primarily overseas clients, be sure the times you choose to post content are aligned with the peak hours of when they will be online. These actions, however small they may seem, makes a big difference in the online game. 


Make it a point that posts are conversation-starters where people would are excited and feel compelled to be part of the discussion. One way to do this is by asking open ended questions that require more than a yes, no response. Share stories that spark emotions and inspiration and don’t be afraid to share articles that are controversial and then ask for members’ opinions.  


  • Check-out Facebook Jobs


Individuals aren’t the only ones using Facebook these days, companies are leveraging the platform to seek out talent. Take advantage of the Facebook jobs section on the site by visiting the Companies page and selecting the “Jobs” tab to find all the open positions. Don’t limit your time on the site


Sign up to receive SMS text alerts on this page, if possible, to ensure you stay informed about company updates, job postings and any insight that may be pertinent to landing you that dream job.  By spending time staying informed on the happenings of the company you will be even more prepared for your interview and able to address why you want to work specifically for them. Use of the Facebook Job’s resources is free and easy to access.  So there is truly no excuse not to take advantage and apply for the job you want. 


Facebook is, of course, a great place to share your recent pet photos or your favorite inspirational quote, but even more importantly, it’s a major source of professional growth. Never forget that your career is in your hands, don’t let this powerful resource go unused. Happy online networking!

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