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5 Best Job Posting Sites For Employees In Today’s Market

Scanning job posting sites is a lot like queueing up at an all-you-can eat buffet. It’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed and even a tad queasy. You don’t want to overload your metaphorical plate. You also don’t want to spend twenty bucks for a small garden salad either. Job posting sites are invaluable tools. They can do more than help you find employment, they can even lead you to a brand new career. Unfortunately, some of them are time-consuming or difficult to use. Hopefully my list of the top five job posting sites for employees by category should make your quest a bit easier. 


1. Overall Winner: Indeed


When it comes to monster job search sites, is no longer the clear victor. Sure, the site has the advantage of age (it was launched in 1994) but its functions are less robust. Users often complain for getting spammed by employers offering jobs they never expressed interest in. The largest largest job website in the world, Indeed has some 250 million monthly users while every second 10 new job listing are posted to the site. You can tailor your search by location and category while customizing email alerts. Plus, there’s a section where companies are reviewed along with a salary comparison tool. The site is also widely praised for its intuitive interface. Be forewarned, many companies winnow the number of candidates by using Indeed-provided tests. That means you could be spending more of your time auditioning than actually interviewing. On the plus side, it is one of the few job posting sites for employees that is 100% free. You don’t even need an account (although having one will get you email alerts and messages from recruiters). Take the time to learn how applicant tracking systems work because with Indeed’s massive numbers of users, employers rely on them to vet potential candidates. 


2. Best for Connecting with Recruiters: LinkedIn


The FaceBook of professional profiles, LinkedIn boasts nearly 3/4 of a billion members. Because you can add recruiters directly to your virtual network it’s ideal for connecting with them. However, you won’t be able to message anyone unless they add you to their network as well. A well-curated profile with plenty of links can attract direct messages from recruiters regardless of your employment status. You can even upload your portfolio. Although its interface can be a bit buggy, with free and paid functions it should be on everyone’s radar. 


3. Best Site for Remote Work: FlexJobs


Started by Sara Sutton in 2007 because she was upset by how hard it was to find legit remote work, FlexJobs outshines numerous other similar sites. Why? Because they hand-screen and vet each opportunity –– and they are well over 5,000 companies that use the service. That means you’ll actually get paid for the work you perform. Because it’s focused on freelance and other independent gigs it beats any site that buries such work beneath listings seeking in-office employees. Money from the $50 per year subscription funds the site’s due diligence for potential clients and keeps it ad-free (a feature many of us prefer). The company also offers a free version,, which has fewer listings.


4. Best for Anyone With a Corner Office: The Ladders


Although its name recalls a category of British magazines from the 2000s, if you’re hoping for a six-figure income, signing bonus, and relocation package, then this may be the site for you. Boasting over 25,000 verified recruiters and a plethora of value-added incentives like a career newsroom and a networking platform, The Ladders attracts employers like Google and candidates with experience in finance, software engineering, data science, and numerous other advanced skill sets. Not surprisingly there isn’t a free option. Fortunately the old saw that if you have to ask you can’t afford it doesn’t apply here. On a year-long subscription, one month costs about the same as Netflix. However, there has been some bad feedback in the past and while the site has improved considerably (one reason it makes many top job posting sites for employees lists), do your due diligence before committing.  

5. Best Site No One Admits to Using: Craig’s List


Some professional bloggers warn readers against using CL. The truth is, it’s a giant online bazaar –– emphasis on bizarre. Yet hiding amongst the weird housing ads and counterfeit merch are some amazing jobs. If you’re branching out, you should spend a few minutes on the site. Make sure that if you accept work from an individual, draw up a payment plan so you don’t wind up “volunteering.”I’ve used CL to find contractors and received resumes from some very skilled people.


My last bit of advice is to expand the location of your job search. Top companies have pushed their return to in-office work six months or more. Many will be shrinking their commercial real estate footprint no matter what happens. If you really want to work, consider applying for positions across the country, even the world. Many freelancers have clients in multiple time zones. Why shouldn’t you?

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