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Best Available Jobs for New Graduates

What Jobs Are Available For New Graduates With No Experience

You’re sending out resumes. You’re anxious and thinking “will there be any company that will hire me?

I’m inexperienced. What if my skills aren’t honed enough in college and won’t suffice?

Relax. You have the whole world ahead of you… And there are entry-level jobs that will surely fit your skills. 

Finding a job right after you graduate could be a daunting affair, but it doesn’t have to be as exhausting as most of us think.

Approximately 53% of fresh college graduates are either unemployed or working for a job that does not require a degree.

As desolating as it sounds, there is no need to lose your hope because there are too far many jobs out there you just need to claw your way in.

Below I’ve listed some of the most sought-after jobs for new graduates with no experience. You might see something that falls on your preference!

  • Customer Support job

Customer service job is one of the most ideal entry-level jobs you could take on if you don’t have enough experience from “the real world”.

Apart from it’s ideal for people who love talking, it also can open up a lot of possibilities and improve skills you didn’t know you had.

Most of the customer service companies require little to no experience which is why it is an ideal job you should apply for if you want to have your first responsibility.

Why should you consider a customer support job?

  • You can build valuable skills. Marketing and sale skills are just a few crafts you can develop from a customer service job. Working with different customers from different parts of the country (or world) will enable you to grow both professionally and as a person.
  • Develop your problem-solving skills. Since most of your job as customer support is to solve and tend to customer’s problems, it is crucial that you have the patience and the ability to solve critical problems effectively and promptly. 
  • Getting to know different communication mediums. You will be requiring to work on different support channels as customer support, so you’d get to master these different mediums by bouncing from one channel to another.

I could go on, but I think I made my point. Customer service assistance is one of the ideal jobs for new graduates with no experience.

  • Real Estate Agent

If you think being a real estate agent requires years of experience, that’s where you’re wrong.

While you don’t need a degree to become an agent, many companies would consider having one. But since I’m guessing you’re here because you just graduated, then I guess you’ll be fine.

To become a real estate agent, you will be required to take real estate courses to get a license. 

According to Investopedia, “the commission an agent earns is normally split between them and the other party’s agent, and with the firm they represent.

Why should you consider a real estate career?

  • You can begin working right after (or before) graduation. While you might need a license to work as a real estate agent, but in most states, you can start working if you’re 18 or 19.
  • Your social media skills might come in handy. You could use your time spent on social media by marketing your business through posting and listings. Given that social media is one of the mediums any entrepreneur should use to market their brands/business, it’s also a great way to start off your real estate career on.

There are so many skills that you could hone and develop while in the real estate industry, and considering it would surely open up new sets of opportunities.

  • Administrative Assistant

Fresh graduates should consider pursuing assistant jobs as it is viewed as one of the ideal jobs for new graduates with no experience. 

Your task is to handle all sorts of office works such as paperwork, phone calls, and scheduling. 

What are the skills you can be developed as an administrative assistant?

  • Teamwork. Apart from your task as office personnel, you will also be working closely with different people of various levels. 
  • Communication skills. Not only will you be able to use different forms of communication tools, but you will also get to sharpen your communication skills by working with different people in the organization.
  • Time management. Administrative assistance demands the skill of being able to prioritize your tasks of importance and being able to plan strategically.

According to Zippia, 13.3% of administrative graduate assistants listed undergraduate courses on their resumes as a skill. While it can be applicable, soft skills such as decision making and interpersonal skills are crucial, too.

Additionally, if you’re an introvert and would love to have an administrative assistant job, but still not ready to work with other people, you might want to consider applying as a Virtual Assistant

Its tasks demand exactly like an admin assistant, the only difference is you will be in the comfort of your home – or wherever you want to work, for that matter. This means you will be working remotely while fulfilling the admin tasks you’ve always wanted to take on altogether.

It’s one of the most ideal jobs for new graduates with no experience, and for those who also want to work home but don’t know how or where to start.


Looking for jobs for new graduates with no experience can be actually beyond stressful, and I’m speaking from experience. That is why I made sure to take notes of all the skills I was lacking during those first few job huntings.

Make sure you are truly ready before taking on a new journey of your adult life. It’s okay to take some time off after graduation to refuel your energy. Keep in mind that your wellbeing should be at the top of your priority list. 🙂

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