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Jobs Still Hiring During Covid-19

4 Jobs Still Hiring During Covid

One of the questions I’ve been getting most frequently lately is: how do I find a job during the pandemic? COVID-19 has affected nearly every industry, so it’s no surprise that those who found themselves out of work are concerned about how they’ll be able to get back in the game. Even if you’re currently employed, chances are you might be looking for a new job soon, especially if you’re a millennial (we have a habit of job-hopping, after all). 


It’s hard to reassure my clients that there are still opportunities out there. In the last decade we have seen the job market crash, and now a global pandemic is changing the way we work. But I promise you, there is still hope — you just have to know where to look. 


Here’s a list of companies and jobs still hiring during COVID, to help you get started and figure out what jobs might be good to look into. 


  • Pharmaceutical Companies

It’s safe to say that right now, people are more concerned with their health than ever. And there’s very little chance of pharmacies closing down. We rely heavily on them, as prescription drug use continues to increase and we are becoming more conscious of staying healthy. The great thing about pharmaceutical work is it can be found in every city, and they’re hiring in such large numbers that the chance of securing a job here can be incredibly straightforward. Take these two companies, for example: 

  • Walgreens: The company is seeking over 20 thousand employment positions worldwide to accommodate the drastic amount of medication orders.
  • CVS: Another major pharmaceutical company, they are seeking both part-time and full-time employees. They’ve even partnered with the hotel and hospitality sectors to hire more workers in the field. 


  • Telecommunication Companies

These types of companies are advanced when it comes to setting up a new environment for their employees. 


With working remotely becoming more widespread and necessary thanks to COVID, telecommunication needs are at an all time high across most industries. Online and technological platforms such as video meetings, chat rooms, and other mobile services are being used by more companies than ever before. 


  • Zoom: You’re probably sick of hearing about Zoom if you’re anything like most of my clients. But the fact of the matter is, thanks to the uptick in video conferencing needs since COVID hit, the company is in dire need of employees for tech support, engineering, finance, and customer service. 


  • Slack: One of the best ways to communicate efficiently (and remotely) company-wide, Slack is hiring workers in sales, accounting, and customer service. 


  • Grocery Stores

Going to the grocery store used to be a chore, an errand we would run in our spare time, a line on our to-do list that was mostly seen as a time suck. Now, for those of us in majorly locked down counties, it can be seen as one of the most exciting parts of our day. After all, it’s one of the only places we can go! That being said, between more customers (remember all the homemade banana bread and sourdough starters?), fewer open restaurants, and social distancing practices, grocery stores are definitely seeing a rising need for employees. And remember, there’s so much more to do than just stocking shelves— these stores are looking to fill roles in logistics, public relations, engineering, and more. 


  • Krogers: The popular U.S. grocery store has thousands of positions available, effective immediately. 
  • Walmart: One of the most notable stores in the grocery industry, they are seeking over 100,000 employees. They’ve even made the application process even quicker, from two weeks to only 24 hours processing time. e
  • Instacart: This grocery delivery service is gaining immense popularity during COVID. They’re seeking over 300,00 employees who can work as a shopper, especially for the senior citizens and the imuno-compromised who are staying at home due to the pandemic.


  • Technical Support Companies

If COVID has taught us one thing, it’s that not all of us are as tech-savvy as we’d like to think. And now that most of us are having to deal with more technology than we are used to thanks to remote working, tech support companies need all the help they can get. 


  • Don’t worry about this company running out of jobs any time soon. They are hiring an unlimited number of employees who can work remotely, and can immediately answer customer concerns. 


I know that looking for a job can be difficult and nerve wracking, even under the best of circumstances. But just remember — your capabilities and efforts are more than enough to help you find something permanent, or even just something to see you through. Don’t let COVID get you down. Keep at it, and you’ll definitely find something right for you and your career!

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