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Jobs that will disappear by 2030

5 Jobs That Will Disappear By 2030 Due To Technology

Is technology a threat to your job? That depends. Jobs that are likely to be obsolete are those that are repetitive, low-efficiency, not profitable, simple to automate, and jobs prone to fluctuating demand. 

Technology is quickly automating jobs. And while many jobs may disappear, others will surface. Opportunities will exist for those that are adaptable, flexible, and resourceful. The tools of today are making the impossible possible, just as the car led to road trips and planes opened up international travel. Change is inevitable. Technology is just speeding up the timetable. 

Here is a list of five jobs that will disappear by 2030. Some of these are quickly vanishing. 

  • Bank teller

Of course, banks won’t completely disappear but certainly decrease in numbers. Online and mobile banking can already handle deposits, bill pay, and transfers. Simple banking functions are handled from the convenience of your home or vacation destination. 

  • Cashier

Just go to almost any grocery store and you will notice the growing number of self-checkout stations. Bill validator technology has been around for a while to recognize cash payments and return the correct change. As a result of the pandemic, more and more contactless payment options are becoming available including Apple Pay. 

  • Travel agent

It seems like the only travel agents hanging on are corporate travel agents. With widespread use of sites like Airbnb and comparison tools like Skyscanner, it’s easy enough to book your own vacation destination. There is an added bonus of being able to check Yelp reviews, which feel more like personal recommendations – or horror stories. Either way, travel agents are very quickly being replaced. 

  • Administrative legal positions

Automated and digital tools have been slowly replacing legal secretaries over recent years. One report shows that as many as 114,000 jobs in the legal field could become automated over the next two decades as attorneys embrace currently available technologies.  

  • Assembler/fabricator

Any job that requires repetitive tasks is at risk of being replaced by automation. Assembly jobs include toy, vehicles, aircraft, and other product manufacturing. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts this profession will see an 11% decline by 2028. Thus, resulting in the loss of 203,300 jobs. 

Not all jobs will disappear by 2030. There will be a growing need in technology-based jobs to support AI and other technology advances. Additionally, health related careers will continue to flourish as will financial managers, analysts, and specialty fields. Unfortunately, this shift might create a significant economic inequality as many of these jobs will require significant education and skill. 

However, the changes will be gradual. If you are working in a job that is likely to be replaced by technology, you most likely will be redeployed into another position. However, if you’re thinking about changing your career, now is a good time to make a shift into a career that cannot be placed by technology and will continue to flourish despite or because of technology. 

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