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LinkedIn Groups for Job Seekers

7 Best LinkedIn Groups for Job Seekers to Find a New Career

I wrote last year, and it’s still true today: social media platforms can be either the biggest waste of time, or the largest opportunity for growth. Getting lost in a sea of social is easy to do. In the US, adults spend on average 2 hours a day – one quarter of their workday – surfing social media. 

LinkedIn is the largest professional social media site. One study showed that 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn. If you’re looking for a job, you must be on LinkedIn. 

Your best strategy for using LinkedIn to find a job is through engagement, and groups are the best way to engage on LinkedIn. Groups allow you to build authentic and meaningful connections, share relevant content, and position yourself as a thought leader. There are specific LinkedIn groups for job seekers to make it easier to connect. Here are the top six I recommend. 

  • Jobs Alert


This group is for anyone seeking a position in middle or upper management. Jobs Alert’s geographical focus is India, US, and the UK; however, the group is used worldwide. There are over 22,000 members, and jobs are posted regularly.  


  • Jibber Jobber

Created by a job seeker for job seekers, helps you stay organized in your job search. The LinkedIn group Jibber Jobber has almost 5,000 members. The purpose of the group is to connect career experts and offer career management advice to job seekers. 

  • The Recruiter Network

This group is a hiring platform for recruiters. It is the best solution to connecting with a recruiter. There are over 860,000 members.  

  • Career Rocketeer

Career Rocketeer is content- and community-rich. Their focus is to keep job seekers motivated and moving forward in their job hunt. Their mission is: To fuel your career success. The group is a network haven for career search, career development, and personal branding. There are over 9,000 members.  

  • Executive Suite

Part of ExecuNet, Executive Suite LinkedIn group is for executive-level peer connections and advice. The stated purpose of the group is to help create the results you want in your career, work, and wellbeing. As a member, you are also invited to attend their ongoing online learning series. The group has over 375,000 members.    

  • Personal Branding Network

This is not a job-seeking group per se but developing a personal brand will increase your odds of getting hired. The Personal Branding Network group of 23,000+ members is devoted to helping members create professional and personal brands. 


Renewables Job Market – This group is for professionals in renewable energy, climate change, green technologies, energy efficiency, recycling, and sustainability. The group brings together HR professionals, job seekers, and interested individuals. The group has more than 30,000 members. 

LinkedIn members can join 50 groups. The average user joins seven. It is not enough to join groups. To use groups to your full advantage, you must connect with members. Aside from belonging to job-seeking groups, explore groups in line with your career path. Often recruiters and hiring managers are active in these groups. If you position yourself as a thought leader and offer meaningful engagement, you will get noticed. And who doesn’t prefer to chuck the job hunt in lieu of being actively recruited?

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