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No motivation to work anymore

What To Do When There’s No Motivation to Work Anymore

A lot of my clients come to see me because they’ve lost their luster for the job they have. It feels stagnant and dull. So, they seek career coaching to make a change. They’re desperate to do something different to spice things up again. 

Lack of motivation is not an isolated problem. In fact, one survey found that 85% of employees are dissatisfied at work. That means that only 15% employees were engaged in the job they are doing. While many reasons lead to dissatisfaction, some of those include poor relationships with the boss or colleagues, disinterested in the type of work they’re doing, stagnation, and the time and energy it takes to commute to and from work. 

What’s interesting is that you would think these employees would just leave but they don’t. They stick it out even though they have no motivation to work anymore

This begs the question, what do you do when you are not motivated to work? Here are a few suggestions to get your work mojo back. 

Improve your work-life balance. Often lack of motivation comes from too much work or too many family obligations. You need to make adequate time for both. Set healthy boundaries for each. When you’re at work, stay dedicated to the work product. When you leave the office, leave the office. Set up autoresponders for your work email. Use a different outgoing voice mail once you’ve left the office. Leave work at work. 

Quit being busy doing nothing. Being busy has become synonymous with being in demand. It’s simply not true. In an effort to stay busy, we make ourselves available 24-7. This is a fast way to reach burnout. Not only that, being busy doesn’t necessarily translate to being in demand or sought after. The opposite can be true – that you’re a pushover and will happily take the grunt jobs. Learn to say “no” and take back control over your workday. If it’s not your job and you don’t have time to help out, don’t. Change your wording to “I choose…” over “I have to….”

Take time to recharge. If you’ve been working non-stop without a break, it’s time to go on vacation. Unfortunately, the pandemic thwarted travel. A lot of people chose to work because they felt they couldn’t go anywhere or that going somewhere would be depressing without the shops being open. Well, you still need time to recharge. Take every other Friday off or find a week when work requirements are low and take the whole week off. Spend time in nature. Nature helps your memory as well as has other mental and physiological benefits. One study found that sleeping outdoors regulates your circadian rhythm – our natural sleep and wake cycle. 


Everyone experiences lack of motivation in their careers at some point. I’ve been there. I get it. To combat lack of motivation, you need to find your fire again. Connect to your job in a way that is meaningful so that you can excel in your career. 

It is possible you’re on the wrong career path. Celebrate this realization and make a change. Find meaningful work and happiness in a career of your choosing. 

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