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On Awakening

I guess I’d identify myself as a spiritual entrepreneur (whatever that means).

For the longest time, I’d hear these inspired business people talking about their “awakening,” and I never fully understood what that meant… Until years later.

I realized that those who are “awakened” (in my perception) are people who start to see that their circumstances in life have nothing to do with the possibilities available to them, right now… In this moment. They know on a cellular level that they can CHOOSE possibility and never look back.

Those who are “awakened” wake up into the realization that the messages they’ve been fed about what’s possible for them can be rewritten. They realize that it doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process.

They realize that all of the flavors of life are available to them right now. Here. In this moment.

They awaken into a higher reality.

I “woke up” when I met a life coach who was crushing it in her business and life. She decided that she wanted the best – everywhere. 10’s across the board– in love, in business, in friendship, in health.

…And the fervor for life that I saw on her face inspired me to hire her as my own coach years ago.

“I’ll have what she’s having,” I told myself… (I’ve never been the same since.)

And since I’ve woken up, I’ve transformed on all levels in my life.

I built a thriving business that gives me creative joy, fulfillment and freedom (because success without fulfillment is really just failure). I’ve stood for what I want in my love life (and I called off my own wedding– which is a whole other topic I’ll write about when I’m ready). I’ve walked away from uninspired friendships without looking back. I’ve gotten as healthy and strong as I can.

These things all sound simple, but what I’m finding is that success in life – and being fully awake – is directly tied to the pain we’re willing to endure to honor our truest happiness.

I am willing to suffer because I’m awake to what’s possible. And possibility tastes so good that I’m willing to say ‘no’ to anything less than expansion.

It means saying ‘no’ to that “safe” job that is incongruent with who you are… Because you know there’s more available to you right here, and right now.

It means saying ‘no’ to that gorgeous man that sweeps you off your feet, because chemistry does not always equal compatibility… And instead of melting into his easy arms, I choose to grieve him and believe that I can have BOTH chemistry and compatibility.

It means passing on dinner with that friend who just doesn’t get you… Because you see the value of having a night out with yourself instead of with someone who doesn’t connect to you.

My awakening meant waking up into all the flavors available for me to taste in this life. Waking up to all the power that is really here when you decide you’re willing to surrender that boring old story about struggle and lack. Waking up to all the power that becomes available to you when you say ‘no’ to mediocrity in your life.

And suddenly, you only have space for the best.

And it’s funny – the people who want the best usually get it, don’t they? I guess this spiritual stuff works.

And the best part? Once you wake up in life, you can’t go back to sleep. Because life is too delicious when you hang out in possibility. It’s like you cannot un-see it once you really surround yourself in all of its flavors.

Wakey, Wakey.


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