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On Giving

Wow, I’m so moved.

Growing up, I used to hear people say that “if you want to feel better, just give.”

I used to roll my eyes thinking it sounded like some cheesy Hallmark card, but I am learning through the direct experience of giving that it’s a way of life… The best way of life.

We live in a world where many feel their guards are up, tired of people hitting them with a sales pitch, tired of struggling with money, and just tired overall.

But I want to share with you today how GIVING TO OTHERS CAN GIVE YOUR LIFE A SURGE OF ENERGY.

I emailed you a couple of months back to let you know that my housekeeper Mila was facing stage 4 breast cancer. She’s a really sweet soul, and she’s unable to work as she faces chemo treatment. She was stuck in between insurance companies not wanting to take responsibility for her illness, and a perfect example of our flawed healthcare system. Her husband left her years ago, and she’s been raising her son alone—and he suffers from autism.

I’m was so sad that has a really bad deck of cards right now.

The email I sent out to all of you months ago was about money, and I made Mila’s story a tiny little “P.S.” at the end. There were 80 of you who selflessly clicked this link and gave Mila whatever you could.

And let me tell you, the site of her face when she found out we raised enough to cover her rent for 3 months was enough to light Las Vegas up for a night. She sobbed, and so did I.

The point of me sharing this story with you isn’t to make you sad, but to share what giving is doing for me in my life right now: the more I give, the more I feel connected to people. Them more human I feel.

This is possible for you, too.

And thus, a challenge: Give to someone today—make it selfless… And watch how it feels inside of you.

(And if that person has to be YOU, that’s okay by me. Maybe you need to take care of you.)




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