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on Grit

“Rent’s due in three days. I need to somehow make $2,500 in three days.”

My friend looked at me, baffled, “are you THAT on the fly?”

I threw my hands up: “Yep. I am.”

I was thriving in my private coaching practice, and pouring tens of thousands of dollars into a program that no one bought.

I was working hard. And I felt like a fraud.

How can I be a successful career coach if I can’t even pay my rent?

My friend looked at me with resignation in his eyes: “Well, you spend more than you make. Easy as that, Ash.”

I felt like I failed… And I looked at him, as he said to me: “Keep going. Keep going, Ash. You’re going to succeed and help people.”

(Thank god he said that to me years ago.)

I really I had two choices here. I could accept failure, or I could keep failing until something shifted. My credit cards were due, and so was the rent.

So what did I do? I took out a bank loan and hired a consultant that day… A consultant that I obviously could not “afford.” I’m not joking.

I had grit. I was fearless. And I was scared shitless. I wanted my dreams MORE than I was scared of failure.

I sobbed to a group of power women in my Master’s program: the former president of a hotel chain, the CEO of an awesome publishing house, the founder of a fashion store, an executive coach to CEOs.

Total power women.

… And they loved me hard. They cried for me. And I could tell their tears came from their wounds. I could tell they were empathy cries. They’d been there. They’d done that.

I felt seen. I felt understood.

I brushed myself off, met my bestie Chelsea Krost out for a glass of wine, and strategized how I’d use this consultant to turn my online business around.

This year my business has hit dream levels… And I still can’t believe it. Sometimes when I close my eyes and meditate for a few minutes, I remember that girl crying about the rent. She’s me. And I love her for the grit she had.

There are five things I learned that I hope serve you today:

  1. Success comes when you are willing to burn the bridges of your comfort zone behind you. It comes when you’re “all-in”… If you are not willing to give everything you have to your dreams, don’t give anything at all. The universe tests you and you must be willing to meet it.
  2. Please know when you are failing, a part of you is truly choosing to fail. I know this is going to bother some of you, but it’s just true… Think about being broke: I was broke because I chose to spend way more than I had. It’s all a choice! The option is always available to you to succeed on your terms.
  3. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make a GREAT living by helping people. Making a living in the name of service is a spiritual practice and an inspired one.
  4. Hiring a mentor makes a difference. I thank my lucky stars for that online business consultant. Without him, I would probably be having the same cry today.
  5. Check your ego at the door. In the name of growth, I stayed curious and committed to doing whatever it took. I admitted not knowing how to be an online marketer. I stayed honest with myself. I surrendered and asked for help.

It’s not to say I’m the wisest owl or the best, but I certainly have learned. I’d never wish my business pains on you, but I certainly wish my lessons upon you!!

And FYI- I made that $2,500 in those three days.  Like I said, the universe always meets you at the point of action.

Sending you love,


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