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On instinct


One of the best questions I heard someone ask in my Master’s program was this:

How do you know the difference between instinct and fear? Obviously I made an audio about it 🙂

I’ve struggled with this for years.

And here’s the way you can tell: instinct is an absolute message within, meaning it sounds like this:

“This is right for me.”
“This doesn’t feel right.”
“There must be an easier way.”

It doesn’t work in fear, and it’s never judgmental. The following statements arenot instinct:

“There’s better than this.”
“It shouldn’t be this way.”
“Watch out.”
“He’s mean.”

I talk about this dynamic on my audio here. 

The bigger question I want to ask you, though, is this:

Why do you choose not to listen to your instincts? What is the reason you’re choosing not to honor that quiet voice inside of you? 

I’ve asked many people this question, and what’s most interesting to me is that we all have different reasons:

1.     I don’t listen to my instincts because I’m afraid my life will fall apart.
2.     I don’t listen to my instincts because I like to assume the best of people.
3.     I don’t listen to my instincts because I don’t trust myself.
4.     I don’t listen to my instincts because I don’t want to hurt other people.

5.     I don’t listen to my instincts because I’m worried I’ll regret my choice.

In my case, I chose not to call off my wedding for a long time because I was afraid I would regret it… The fear of regretting or making the wrong choice often keeps me from listening to myself.

Here’s the deal… Everyone has a different belief system that keeps them from listening to themselves… My invitation to you is to start paying attention to YOURS. Think of a few big decisions you made– ones where you didn’t listen to your instincts. WHAT kept you from tuning in?

Why don’t you honor your higher, instinctual self? Once you figure out WHY you’re not listening to it, I invite you to at least be aware. And most importantly, ask yourself: IS THIS TRUE?

I asked myself: is it true I’ll regret calling off my wedding? And eventually I pulled the plug. I’m better for it, and I’m more connected to me because of it.

Enjoy my audio here! 

Sending you so much light,


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