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On Mastery

“You’re the expert. STOP hiring people. Figure it out… YOU are the expert!!”

“But I need a coach!! I need GUIDANCE!!!” I shouted as if both of those things were AIR to my lungs.

“LIFE is your coach. Let your life coach you.” My incredible friend Renee sternly shouted these words to me as she left my house.

Are you f***ing kidding me? I thought… ME? Expert? Gag. Ugh, noooooo.

I washed tears off my face and considered her words—ones I was resisting with every fiber of my being.

After spending three years building my company online, I got used to finding people who knew more than me… And I found such extraordinary comfort in that. On my worst business day, I always felt a sense of safety knowing I could just call an expert and get their help… That perhaps they could “save” me.

Yet somewhere along the way, I ran out of people to hire and advise me. I started noticing that the consultants I would bring into the office would just give me a thumbs up and smile, saying comments like:

“That’s very sophisticated what you’re doing right there.”

“Wow. Was that your idea? Interesting.”

“Who helped you create that? YOU did that?”

“Thanks,” I’d say, “But I would love some more constructive feedback.”
Suddenly, I realized a scary thing: maybe I am an expert. At first, his thought was flattering, but then it felt so lonely. After all, who does an expert hire to help her?… A super expert?

…And how could I know “everything” there is to know?  Not possible.

Do you ever feel as though all the answers you need are outside of you? Perhaps you are buying into the belief that a quick fix from a therapist, friend or family member will somehow “save” you from some sort of pain or situation in your life.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized that life really is my coach… And that all the answers I need are inside of me.

Let life be your coach. Trust it. Know that you’re wise.

Would it be helpful to have a data expert crunch numbers with me? Sure. But do I need it? Nope.

You have everything you need inside of you. You are your own expert. Stop buying into the belief that you need anything but you. The sooner you realize that you can save you, that you have your own back, that you are a bright, bright soul, the better off you’ll be… And the quicker you’ll succeed.



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