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I was recently sitting in a seminar where an African American man, Alvin, stood up to share. Within a matter of seconds, his words shocked my system and brought tears to my eyes.

“I grew up in Alabama as a kid, when segregation was the norm in the deep south. My biological mom gave birth to me in a prison cell, and I was handed off to someone else in my family after that. I grew up feeling like I didn’t belong, with Martin Luther King as my hero. When he died, part of my spirit died.”

I listened intently, completely shocked to realize that this time in our history wasn’t far away.
Alvin continued to explain that he knew he had a choice: he could either fall apart in life or use his pain as fuel.

And he did the latter.

He started writing a book about his experience, where he talks about the prison cell he was born in being a metaphor for the life he lead… How we all experience a level of spiritual, emotional and mental imprisonment that we cast upon ourselves.
In his own mental prison, he learned that he should never speak up, and always put others before him. He learned that his opinion was irrelevant and that his body was “in the way.”
We all have our own little prison—a core story we hold about ourselves– that we keep ourselves in… It’s about how we see ourselves, and how we interpret our innate value in the world.

My core story used to be that my worth was tied in my output—that my results determined how important and worthy I was in the world.
What does your prison look like? How do you see yourself?

It’s up to YOU to free yourself from it… YOU are the one who holds the key to your own mindset.
I thought this commercial was so poignant to this. So powerful.




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