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On Money

Have you ever fallen into the thought pattern that nothing is enough in your life?

It’s like a pair of vomit colored glasses we all wear, projecting this belief of not enoughness on everyone and everything in our lives: not enough money, not enough friends, not enough muscle… The list goes on.

I walked into my Master’s program this past weekend to a woman who was in pain, and I was completely enamored as she stood up and shared it with the class:

My husband had an affair last year and left me with our two kids…  I want to be super mom to them, but no matter how many jobs I take on, I have no money and my alimony is running out. I am so scared and I don’t know what to do. I had to take a loan out to afford this class weekend. I don’t know how I’m going to pay for the last month of school.”

I couldn’t breathe as I listened to her. We all let her sob for a solid two minutes.

And then the head of the program, Mary, said: “Okay, so how can we help?”

The woman explained that she wants to use our psychology education to work on herself, her fear and her constriction around money…

Mary replied: “Okay, so what do you believe to be true about money?”

The woman explained that money was hard, limited and difficult. She explained that her whole life money has felt impossible to come by, and that no matter how hard she works, how many jobs she takes, she’s always stuck in a state of lack with money.

Mary looked at her, and in front of 160 of us, she said words that shattered the belief system of this woman before our eyes.

“Well, money is everywhere. You just have to ask for it—maybe it can come from people, or innovative side jobs.  You know what? I have some money—let me grab my purse. Everyone, feel free to donate some money to her finishing the program only if you’re inspired to do so.”

Needless to say, I’ve never witnessed anything like this—a sea of 160 people running to a Ziploc bag and throwing whatever cash they could into it. I found a $20 and threw it in.

The woman cocked her head, sobbing. I couldn’t tell if she felt shame, judging herself as some sort of charity case to us, or just shock.

Within 10 minutes, the class compiled about $6,000 in a ziploc bag for her.

And then another classmate stood up with tears in her eyes and said:

“I’ve never told anyone this, but I called the university last year and told them I couldn’t pay for the last month of tuition… I was so sad because I just love this program. They called me back the next day saying some anonymous donor ponied up $2,500 to support me completing this. And I’ve gotten back on my feet since then, but I’ve always felt like that money didn’t belong to me. So now, I’m going to pass it to you, and you can pass it to someone who needs it someday, too.”

$8,500 in ten minutes. In a Ziploc bag. Before my eyes.

The only thing that was lacking was her mindset.

Like Einstein said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

Which universe do YOU live in? Do you see the world as abundant or do you see it as lacking? ANNNND, how are you showing up in your life to co-create that reality?

It’s all in the mind.

Money is everywhere. Joy is everywhere. Love is everywhere. Possibility is everywhere. You just have to ask for it and accept that it may show up in your life in a very creative way.

To your success,

P.S. My housekeeper Mila has stage 4 breast cancer. She’s a single mother, with an autistic child and a husband who left. If you’re inspired, I’m raising some funds with my brother in hopes that we can help her pay her rent and put some food on her table while she goes through chemo. I’ve already donated, and I hope you will too! 

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