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On Procrastination

What are you procrastinating on at this moment? List it.

Almost always, whatever you’re procrastinating on is a hint for where you could get the most value out of your life or career right now.

I mean, think about it… What are the top items you’re procrastinating on? How would your life change if you decided to make them a top priority today?

Sure, some of your procrastination is due to a lack of enthusiasm for a project in your life. In that case, give yourself permission to trash the idea if you can… But in many cases, you’re procrastinating on taking action with some really amazing projects, delayed perhaps due to overwhelm or fear.

The best piece of advice I ever got in business was this: BUILD THE PLANE WHILE YOU FLY IT. I could go on and on about what a shit storm this advice has been for me at times, but it’s also radically changed my life and stretched me into new heights. It is SO powerful, and it will transform your life if you honor it.

Do me (or really, YOU!) a favor today and decide to take action on one of these projects you’re procrastinating on. Go all in. Make commitments that force you to stretch.

In my life, I built my job hunting program, the Limitless Career Lab, as I was flying it. I launched it early—and I had no customer service people ready to support the volume. So there I was, running the program, managing customer support and looking all coyote ugly at 2am.

But you know what? The lab soared to new heights and had such an impact—I am so proud of the help we have offered job hunters. And the experience conditioned me to stretch myself… Now, it’s just a habit.
Say “yes” to big things that FORCE you to your next level. Corner yourself into these commitments and burn the bridges behind you so that you’re forced to live up to them.

“Fear is wetting your pants.

COURAGE is doing what you need to do, with wet pants.” (Dan Sullivan told me this)

My mom told me the other day that my first sentence was this: “what do you have for me next?”… I was two years old when I said that to her in my crib.

I guess I’ve been rollin deep with wet pants since age 2. I’m used to them…And you can be too.

Game on,


P.S. I am so moved by those of you who emailed saying you nominated me for Forbes 30 Under 30. You made me cry — what an honor for you to even think of me… If you’re inspired to support me in this lofty goal, the deadline is November 1 and you can click here to holla at your girl right here on the form (just click the yellow button that says ‘Let’s Go!’).

I’m 29 right now so I guess this is my one chance! And if it doesn’t happen, I feel like a winner because you are believing in me (as much as I also believe in you, my friend).

P.P.S. A great book for you to up your risk-taking game- Lean In by Sandberg. She’s just a classic at this point, no?

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