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On regret

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
“You only live once.”

blah, blah, bladdity, blah. We all have heard these before. And I love them for what they are.

But here’s what I want to know: how do you deal with regret in your life? When’s the last time you passed up a big opportunity, only to feel regret about it later?

Here’s the white hot truth: we are ALWAYS doing our best.

If you knew better, you’d do better. Only always.

If. You. Knew. Better… You would DO better.

When you really allow yourself to soak this in, you’ll realize that there are no mistakes in life. Because the purpose of this life is to grow, isn’t it?

Think about it… At any given time, you’re either growing or you’re dying. It’s that simple. If you’re not growing in your relationships, you end them. If you’re not growing in your career, you look for a new job… The list goes on.

And if we really take a look at our choices in life, and in our careers, there’s truly no mistake to be had in all of it.

You simply do the best you know how to do at any given time– that’s what everyone is doing.

Because let’s face it: “mistakes” help us grow.

So you win, no matter what you choose– no matter when you choose it.

I believe in you. It’s time for you to do the same today.

Forgive yourself. Love yourself.

And most importantly, trust yourself.
You can only do your best.

This makes me think about one of my favorite speeches. Tune in here.

I hope it serves you.

Here for you,


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