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Were you passed over for promotion by a less qualified employee?

Were You Passed Over for Promotion by a Less Qualified Employee

Feeling unworthy because the management hasn’t recognized your efforts is such a discouraging act. It sometimes can feel like those employees who do the bare minimum are more acknowledged. Thus, they are the ones who receive promotions one way or another.

The negative may consume you, which made you see nothing but the flaws of your working environment. To prevent this from happening, it would be best to evaluate yourself from time to time.

Here are a few of the reasons why employees are passed over for promotion by less qualified workers:


Your thoughts are the anchor of your life. Therefore, if you allow your mind to stick with the negative reviews on why you are not given a chance to be promoted, you will continuously think that you are unworthy. Train your mind to look at the brighter side of things than dwelling on the dark side of your mind.

Sticking with this kind of mindset can affect your lifestyle on a whole new level. Therefore, if you change your thought patterns by merely focusing on the better side of life, everything can be well. If possible, please focus on the negative side and use it as a stepping stone for success.

Baby steps can be complicated at first, but it will always be worth it in the end. Change your mindset by listing your current accomplishments and ponder about them for about a minute or so. 

Regardless of your position, seize the situation and claim success. Through this way, you will be able to tell yourself that you are worthy of a promotion.

Keep in mind that the things you focus on will continuously grow along the way.

Over-doing Everything

Being a pioneer in your position makes you know every detail and move of the system. Showing how great you are on the job makes your boss skeptical if you need to have a promotion because it will increase their workload as you excel. Study shows that productive employees tend to experience unnoticed hard work when it comes to their jobs. Keep in mind that it would be best to share your skills by teaching your colleagues and using tools that would help them be knowledgeable if your position needs to be accounted for by a new employee. Procedures can be done through:

  • Tutorial sessions for your colleagues 
  • Create a summarized report of previous projects
  • Training that would help your team members adjust to new tools or environment

This method will help the management see that you are an expert in your field, and you are more than ready to be promoted. With that in mind, you step up on another level in no time without discussing anything with your bosses. 

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Working hard for the sake of the company will never be enough.

Keep in mind that you are working in an environment where people are obliged to mingle to create understanding and effective communication. Your output and results are not enough if you want to be promoted. Having a good relationship with your colleagues is essential since they will know who you are beyond your professional field. Joining parties or dinner out with your workmates can help you build yourself into becoming a superior who can be trusted when it comes to interpersonal support. 

No one can distinguish if you want to aim for a higher position unless you verbalize it with your members because nobody can know you but yourself.

Listing your accomplishments during your career can help you make your manager or boss understand why you want a promotion. If they decline your offer, use this as a room for growth and take it as constructive criticism because this will help you work on your weak areas, which will eventually turn into strengths.

Stop dreaming and start doing and obtaining things that you genuinely deserve may require a storm because you enjoy a strikingly high rainbow. 

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