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All Things Period: What You Didn’t Know About Your Menstrual Cycle, Birth Control + More!

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How are your period symptoms affecting your life?

This week, Ash tackles all the wellness and health aspects of menstrual cycles with guest Mimi Millard. Mimi is the founder and CEO of de lune, a period relief product business. Mimi is on a mission to lift the period burden, naturally.

Producing estrogen and progesterone production has massive general health benefits when it comes to bone health, inflammation, cognitive function, and more. Mimi walks through these hormones and how birth control impacts their role in your body.

Whether you are struggling with period symptoms, looking for insight on birth control, or are looking for ways to support someone through the ebbs and flows of a cycle…this is a powerful episode packed with science-based insights and personal anecdotes to support you. It’s time to put an end to the burden of a period…and it can be done naturally.

  • In This Episode, You’ll Learn:
  1. The connection between birth control and period symptoms.
  2. Cycle Health: what is happening in your body in each phase, the “inner seasons” and the importance of healthy ovulation and periods.
  3. Navigating relief options: the pros and cons of birth control and painkillers.
  4. Ways to optimize the different phases of your cycle for creativity and productivity.


De Lune:

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