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CBD 101: A Tool To Heal Anxiety, Sleep + More! w/ Angie and Mike Lee

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Are you curious about alternative plant medicines?

This week Angie Lee and her brother Mike Lee come onto the show to discuss all things CBD. Angie and Mike are a pair of powerhouse siblings that have come together to co-found Soul CBD alongside all of their other entrepreneurial and athletic ventures.

The CBD market has been growing drastically in recent years and may have left you wondering whether you should take it, what its benefits are and how it may or may not be related to marijuana products. Angie and Mike walk through answers to all of these questions, along with so much more.

CBD products have the capacity to support deeper sleep and reduce anxiety, but that isn’t all. Angie discusses how CBD and has helped her heal PMS symptoms and improve her menstrual cycle. Whether you are a woman looking for period relief, or a partner looking to support their loved one there are great benefits to learning more about the power of CBD.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The difference between THC and CBD.
  • Why you may want to take CBD and what you can expect to experience.
  • How CBD impacts your menstrual cycle.
  • How to navigate self dosage.


Where You Can Find Angie and Mike Lee:









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Soul CBD products are all organically farmed, gluten-free, and have absolutely NO THC in them. It’s solely clean CBD to help you calm your stress or anxiety so that you can sleep well and be the best you possible!


Here are a few of my personal favorites:

🍊Orange Cream Gummies Try one gummy each evening to treat your little sweet tooth and experience improved sleep quality.


💧CBD Oil Droppers  Enjoy the support from these oil drops to get your body back into better homeostasis. This little oil dropper is perfect to throw into your purse if you are on the go, or want to add a little extra to your cocktail or water glass.


💊CBD DREAM Capsules These capsules are great to have if you are traveling for work or joy and are ready to get a good night’s sleep. Each capsule has 25mg of pure CBD AND 2.5mg of melatonin to lull you off into a peaceful sleep cycle.





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Here are some of Ash’s favorite goodies to put in your next coffee, tea, water or smoothie:


✨Pure Powder: Lion’s Main extract, aloe vera and ginger extract are just a few of the superfoods packed into this powder to improve your mental clarity and overall brain health.


🥬Green Powder: Packed with spirulina, chlorella, and ashwagandha, to increase your immunity and aid your digestive tract.


🍦Vanilla or Chocolate Protein Powder: A soy-free, dairy-free, 100% vegan protein that tastes like a milkshake and yet is packed with amino acids and MCT’s to speed up metabolism, quench cravings and improve recovery.


🌟Gold powder-  A yummy anti-inflammatory superfood powder packed with reishi mushrooms, turmeric, cinnamon and magnesium to support restful relaxation and recovery.




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