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Create and Maintain Sexual Chemistry with John Wineland

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This week, Ash brings John Wineland back onto the show to discuss how to create and maintain sexual chemistry in relationships. John is a renowned speaker a speaker, relationship coach and teacher guiding men and women in the practices of spiritual intimacy, sexual polarity and embodied love.

John and Ash explore the importance of devotion, the balance of masculine and feminine energy, and the need to acknowledge and express personal needs in a relationship in an artful and sensitive manner. John reveals that our capacity for love and devotion is often limited by our cultural and personal expectations or trauma, and suggests that increasing awareness and expression of our needs can lead to more fulfilling relationships. Whether you are in partnership looking for ways to maintain your chemistry, or are single wondering how to step into a beautiful relationship, the episode is for you!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to build devotion within your relationship dynamic.
  • How to attract the “one” for you.
  • The challenge of changing relationships patterns and how to start making this shift.
  • Questions to support your self-exploration on how to become a better partner.
  • Tools to build chemistry in partnership, and maintain this connection over time.

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