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Creating a Successful Career and Speaking on Stage with Colin Egglesfield

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By explaining the triune brain model and the importance of deeply understanding oneself, Colin emphasizes how to overcome obstacles to embrace your desired self-identity. Tune in to learn visualization practices and actionable tactical tips to build a career you are inspired by.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The art of communication and public speaking.This week, Ash sits down with actor, author, and cancer survivor Colin Egglesfield. Colin joins the You Turn community to share how to create a career you truly desire.What if you could write the screenplay for your life? Colin and Ash walk through exactly how to do this and build not only the vision but also the reality that you ultimately desire. Whether you are stuck in your life and aren’t sure where to go next, or you know exactly what you want but haven’t quite received it yet, this episode has value for you.
  • How to handle a career transition.
  • The power of visualization and manifestation in action
  • The art of storytelling and using life as a screenplay.
  • How to overcome negative thoughts and beliefs holding you back from speaking on stage.

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