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Embrace the Strength and Power of Your Story with Stephanie Raffelock

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How do you feel about your age?

This week, Ash talks with Stephanie Raffelock a motivational speaker, blogger, podcaster, and author with so much to share about aging and unlocking your true power.

We are all aging, and at times that can be challenging to accept let alone embrace. Stephanie is here to offer support, insight, and guidance on how to not only embrace your current stage of life but to truly thrive as you are. In true Ash fashion, your host gets honest and real about what she is going through when faced with her current state of being.

If you are struggling to feel beautiful in your own skin, tired of the comparison that lives on social media, this episode is for you. Beauty is in all of us, at any age!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • How to love yourself as you are and be open to changes.
  • The ability to have a fulfilled life as you innate are.
  • What it means to be a creatrix- and how to become one.
  • How to see the beauty within you.
  • The questions to help you get closer to your true self.


Connect with Stephanie Raffelock:

Creatrix Rising by Stephanie Raffelock

Art In The Time of Unbearable Crisis by Stephanie Raffelock



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