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How to Access Your Flow State w/ Oren Harris

What are you put here to do, that only you can do?

This week Ash sits down with Oren Harris a transformational coach, spiritual teacher, and a pioneer on the leading edge of human consciousness to talk all about flow state.  Listen in to learn how to access your flow state, find more creativity and connect more with your true resourcefulness.

Oren works with high performing leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives to tap into their flow state and create from their most authentic space.  He shares examples of how operating from within flow state has lead them to success and how you can do the same.

There is one thing that is key to accessing your flow state, your essence.  Oren and Ash dive into discussing how to define your essence and how to bring it into every aspect of your life.  The more you understand yourself, the more you can connect and create.  If you are in a place of reinventing yourself or realizing you want to make changes, Oren shares one key action you must take to connect more deeply with your truth and use it as a catalyst for change.  Don’t worry, anyone can do this.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How to put yourself into a state of flow every day.

Tools to define your essence.

Ways to interpret your intuition


Where You Can Find Oren Harris:

Instagram: @orenhariss

www.orenharris.comlisten on apple      listen on android

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