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How to Attract Your Soulmate w/ Nikii Syme

Do you feel worthy of love?

This week Ash talks all things love with Nikii Syme, a professional love coach who focuses on empowering women in their romantic relationships. Listen in to learn how to become a magnet to your soulmate and how to tell if you are sabotaging your relationships.

Nikii shares her personal journey from toxic relationships to being able to heal and attract her soulmate into her own life.  A great deal of attracting the love you want stems from what you believe you are worthy of receiving.  Nikii and Ash share steps you can take to build your self-worth.  When you can find love within yourself you can allow others to love you in return.

Toxic relationships can feel like a lot of different things, Nikii shares key indicators to identify if things are toxic.  Feel extreme emotional highs and lows?  Chances are, the relationship isn’t something you should remain held within.

Everyone places so much emphasis on looking for signs of unhealthy relationships, Nikii also teaches you how to tell if you are in a truly healthy relationship.  And if you are not, what to do to improve things or get out.  Sorry boys, but many women walk around with masculine wounding.  Learn what that is, whether you have it and how to break free from the beliefs that bind you to it.

If you are single and surrounded by friends and family in loving relationships, desperation may begin to seep in and leave you wondering if you will ever find love.  Instead of constantly seeking out your own soulmate, Nikii shares exactly what you need to, and it doesn’t entail hopping on another dating app.  Don’t forget to stick around for Ash’s post-episode notes where she shares an exercise to do today to build love within your life!


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  1. Signs you are in a toxic relationship.
  2. How to speak your truth and what it can do for your relationship.
  3. Self-love practices to build your worth.
  4. How to remain open in the face of intimacy and vulnerability.


Where To Find Nikii Syme:

Love Unleashed Podcast

Instagram: @nikiisyme

Facebook: Nikii Syme



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