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How To Be A Money Magnet w/ David Neagle

Do you believe making money can be easy?

This week Ash talks with David Neagle, mindset coach, transformational speaker, and Podcast Host, all about how to rewrite the story you are telling yourself about money. Tune in to learn powerful mindset shifts in regards to how you see, feel, and think about money.

David shares the single fundamental principle to learn if you want to master wealth creation.  The truth is, at a young age, most of us are taught that money is hard to make, and we must learn how to survive, not necessarily thrive. These lessons from society make a huge impact on your money mindset. With the tools David teaches, you can break free from this mindset and view money more lightly.

David and Ash talk through the power of patience, how to truly learn from your mistakes, and tips to get clear on what you want to do in life. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to expand or are looking for ways to grow success in your current career this episode is packed with value!


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  1. Mindset shifts to create calm and positive energy with money.
  2. Tips to get into alignment to generate success.
  3. How to restart when you’ve experienced failure.
  4. Questions to get clear on what you want to create or do with your future.


Where You Can Find David Neagle:

The Successful Mind Podcast



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