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How to Be a Top Performer w/ Sarah Kaler

Are you running around all day feeling like you can’t keep up in work and in life?

Ash goes back to her roots this week and talks with Sarah Kaler, an executive leadership coach, consultant, and CEO of Soulpowered, a women’s leadership, research, and education company.  Dive into this episode to learn all about burnout, executive presence and what it really means to be a top performer.  If you are wanting to take a step up in your career or a transition, listen in to hear actionable advice on how to turn your dream into a reality.

Sarah’s leadership journey began at a young age when she was recruited into an executive role at Lululemon.  She was a key player in its transition from being a startup to the worldwide organization it is today. Never the less, her work hours and dedication lead her into a health crisis and realizing that you can’t do everything alone.

Many women fear stepping into motherhood can hurt their careers.  If you are entering into, or considering, having a child Sarah shares insight, tips and her ultimate advice on how to succeed as a mother, and a professional in the workforce.

Being a top performer or leader comes with a myriad of difficulties.  Ash and Sarah walk through how to manage your health, professional boundaries, and emotional state in order to find sustainable growth. Be sure to listen in as Sarah shares one powerful tip to be a high performer for your entire life.

No matter where you are on your professional path, inspiration will come and go.  Sarah shares valuable guidance on how to reconnect with your career and what steps to take in order to find inspiration each day.  Be sure to stick around for the post-episode notes, Ash shares her thoughts on what executive presence really is and provides a thought-provoking question to help you gain clarity on your own leadership.


In this Episode, You Will Learn:

Indicators of burnout and how to manage them before it goes too far.
The difference between competence and strengths in your career.
How to begin the process of making a career shift that aligns with your authentic self.
How to be a leader in all areas of your life.


Where You Can Find Sarah Kaler:

Instagram: @besoulpowered



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