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How to Be Attracted to People That Are Good For You w/ Ken Page

Do your relationships leave you feeling love is just barely out of reach?

Ash is all things love and attraction this week when she talks with Ken Page an LCSW, renowned psychotherapist, author and podcast host.  He is a leading voice in the game of seduction and finding true intimacy.

Are you chronically single?  Ken talks through his own personal experience in a life of chronic dating and being single and how to move through this into a place of stable love.

Attraction is very necessary for a relationship and there are varying levels of attraction that you connect with others.  Learn what the primary driver of extreme attraction is and how to connect with them.  Part of attraction is sexuality.  Ken lays out a map to deepen your sexuality and turn on in a relationship that may have fallen flat.

Ken shares mind-shattering views on attraction and what the two types are.  One leads to hell, and one leads to happiness.  Listen in to learn how to manage and recognize the difference.  When you make better choices of attraction in your life it will be surprising to see what beautiful things come into your life.


In This Episode You Will Learn:

Which type of attraction you want to allow into your life.

How to become more sexually attracted and attractive.

How to be attracted to people that are good for you.

Skills to increase your intimacy and dating.



Deeper Dating by Ken Page


Where to Find Ken Page:

Deeper Dating Podcast

Instagram: @kenpagelcsw




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