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How To Be Contagious w/ Anese Cavanaugh

Do ever see people seamlessly create attraction and attention?

Join Ash this week as she talks with Anese Cavanaugh a speaker, advisor, author and contributor to Inc and The Huffington Post to walk through how to be contagious, memorable and magnetic.  Anese shares 5 steps to make an intentional impact and reveals the IEP (Intentional Energetic Presence) method and why you MUST integrate it into your life.  She shares one of the most important leadership skills that anyone can learn.

Do you typically walk into a room distracted on your phone?  This dictates the presence you are sharing with others and with yourself.  In order to be an impactful leader and vivacious person the way you enter a new space matters.  Anese and Ash talk through tips for being powerfully present when you join a new environment and how to stay present when you are in it.

Being fully present is tied directly to your ability to practice self-care, and that doesn’t just mean getting a massage or pedicure.  If you live a people-pleasing life and you want to say no but find yourself constantly saying yes, Anese walks through tips for how to say no in grace and practice valuable self-care.

Being constantly “on” can be exhausting, if you don’t do it right you will walk yourself straight into burnout territory.  Listen in to learn the “4 P’s” to burnout and how to make sure you manage them properly.  Don’t forget to stick around for Ash’s post-episode notes.



Contagious You: Unlock Your Power to Influence, Lead, and Create the Impact You Want

by Anese Cavanaugh


In this Episode, You Will Learn:

Steps to create contagious energy.
How to get clear on your intention and communicate it to others.
Tips to reboot your energy when you need it most.
How to say no gracefully.


Where to find Anese Cavanaugh:

Instagram: @anesecavanaugh



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