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How To Be Intrapreneurial in Your Career with Hala Taha

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Join Ash in the work category this week while she talks with special guest Hala Taha all about how to be intrapreneurial in your career and create more joy in your work. Hala is the SEO of YAC media and host of the Young and Profiting podcast with an incredible story of perseverance and an example of what happens when you follow the nudges of your passions.

Growing an online presence can feel like an uphill battle, forever. But, here is where Tala shares some unique and proven techniques to connect with people on social media platforms and grow a truly engaged community.

Tala and Ash discuss ways to build energy, especially when you feel drained by your work, tools for standing out at your company, and creative ways to navigate a career during times of change. If you care about your career, you don’t want to miss the magic within this episode!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The power of following your passion.
  • How to create a following that is actually engaged, and growing.
  • Skill Staking – what this is and how you can develop this yourself.
  • Tips for building awareness within your company to boost your career.
  • Practices to build your confidence muscle.


Where You Can Find Hala Taha:

Young and Profiting Podcast

LinkedIn: Hala Taha





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