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How To Be More Resiliant At Work w/Antonia Hock

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Are you ready for your career to reach the next level?

This week Ash talks with Antonia Hock, the global head of the Ritz Carlton Leadership Center and employee experience guru, all about how to build resilience at work.

With 89% of employees reaching a point of burnout, its important to understand the ways to curb hitting your breaking point. Antonia shares her thoughts on burnout and actionable advice on what you can do to stay engaged and excited about work.

Antonia and Ash dive into the future of the workforce, how to get a mentor, ways building creativity into your work and so much more!

Whether you are an entrepreneur or working as an individual contributor for a company, there is something valuable in this episode for you! You are in control of your career, and here is a place to start getting ahead.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What resilience actually is and how it shows up in your life.
  • Steps to build grit and courage within yourself.
  • 3 different types of mentors and tips for finding the right one.
  • Ways to stay engaged when work becomes overwhelming
  • How to create opportunities during moments of adversity.


Where You Can Find Antonia Hock:




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