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How To Become A World Class Writer w/ Nicolas Cole

Do you dream of becoming a successful writer and perhaps struggle with where to start?

This week Ash talks with Nicolas Cole, the founder of Digital Press and the most read writer on the famous platform Quora, about how to become a better writer.  Whether you write professionally, as a hobby, or send emails every day, there is something in this episode specifically for you.  Nicolas walks through 3 main steps for how to become a better writer, and they are not what you might think.

Nicolas shares the compelling and alternative path that led him to become the masterful writer and successful entrepreneur that he is today.  Listen in to hear the 1 main thing you must do in order to become successful in writing and in life.

We are all born creative, and it can be difficult to navigate personal creativity and creating content that sells.  Nicolas and Ash talk through the difference between writing as a science and writing as an art form and how to blend the two together to find passion in all areas of writing.

When it comes to breaking through the big bad viral world, Nicolas has honed in on how to do this over and over.  His insights will show you not only how to become a better writer but how to get your writing shared with the world on a mass scale, and stay true to your voice in the process.  Don’t forget to stick around for the post-episode notes with Ash as she breaks down in-depth one of the steps to success.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  1. Three steps to writing success.
  2. How to keep your passion alive while building a business and craft.
  3. The value behind taking an alternative path.
  4. One key way to determine where your area of expertise lies.


Where To Find Nicolas Cole:

Nicolas Cole on Quora and Medium



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