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How To Deepen Your Spirituality w/ Chandresh Bhardwaj

Do you feel ungrounded in your daily life, or as though you are searching for something but don’t know what?

This week, Ash talks to Chandresh Bhardwaj, a speaker, spiritual healer, and author, who hails from a lineage of seven generations of spiritual leaders. He is here to share actions you can take to deepen your awareness and become more conscious within your life.

After graduating from business school and entering Wall Street, Chandresh slowly found himself traveling down a different path towards spirituality. If you are looking to make a shift within your career or life, Chandresh and Ash talk through how to navigate this change and move out of feeling stuck in your life. Chandresh shares 2 things you can meditate on to shift your life.

Chandresh shares a single mantra anyone can use: soham– “I am awareness”

This episode flows seamlessly through providing tips on navigating grief mindfully, becoming present in the moment, and navigating pain during challenging times. Chandresh and Ash dive even more deeply by sharing their thoughts on social media, and how to drop comparison in your life. There is a powerful mantra to receipt to yourself when you enter this state! Don’t forget to stick around for the post-episode notes with Ash all about self-acceptance.


In this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A clear definition of spirituality.
  • How to incorporate more self-acceptance into your life
  • What happens when you over-consuming information.
  • The power of incorporating rituals into your life.



Break the Norm by Chandresh Bhardwaj


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